Marriage in Old Age

March 27, 2011 by raheem ahmed  
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Changing fashion trends are the reason of progress of beauty parlors. Women of every age become very conscious about their beauty on their wedding day.

In India middle aged women are the reason of progress of beauty parlors. India is a country where status is very important. Mostly girls are married between the ages of 18 to 21 years but the women who crossed the age of 30 years spend their most of time in beauty parlors to look beautiful. Beauticians said that the skin of women became very dull after the age of 30 and they need special skin treatment to burn extra fats from heir face.

When women cross age of 30 years they have more time and money to spend in beauty parlors and they use special kinds of expensive make ups to look beautiful. Beauticians said that they have to do more work to bring essential oiliness on the face of these brides. Some married women also spend their spare time in beauty parlors because they wanted to look different and smart from their other age fallows. Mede facial is very best for women because it lifts up the skin and brings the face in shape by reducing wrinkles.

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    researches shows, women at the age of 30 look more graceful

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