Management by The Book: An Overview of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman by Gail Evans

This summary and review of the book, Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman: What Men Know About Success That Women Need To Learn, was prepared by Shannon Pope while a Marketing student in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Executive Summary

This book is designed for women in the business world who haven’t learned the rules to the game men have been playing for years. Gail Evans gives a descriptive outline for women on how they should conduct themselves in the business world where it’s male dominated. As women, we grew up playing games that involve everyone winning and if they weren’t, we would make a way for everyone to win. Unlike men, who grow up believing there’s only one mission or goal to any game…WIN!! This is the first difference we notice between men and women at a young age. Another fact that the author mentions in this book is at one time women didn’t work outside of the home. During this time is when men made up the rules in the business. When women finally were allowed to enter into the business world, we were thrown into the rules. Women now account for over 46 percent of the total U.S labor force.  Though we occupy a fair percentage of the business world, we will only start to prosper once we familiarize ourselves with the rules to the game.

The main objective of this book is to teach women the rules of the game first then show them how to play smarter and win using their own unique techniques. She demonstrates this by giving readers different scenarios that go on in the office and shows the responses given by men and women. Afterwards, she gives advice on how the situation could be handled better. Ultimately, Gail Evans believes that every woman should know the basic rules so that she can understand the consequences in each action she makes. In this book she guides women on how to begin to learn and understand this concept.

The Ten Things Business Women Need to Know from Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman

1.    Learn the rules to the game- In the business world, men have made rules that women have yet to fully understand. This is based on the fact that men made these rules before women entered into the work field. The author of this book states that once women learn the rules of the game they will prosper and begin to play it better by adding their own unique values.

2.    Speak out- Many women feel by doing a great job at work, the work will speak for itself. This is not necessarily the case in the business world. Though your work will be recognized, it cannot get you the promotion that you want. If there’s something that you want or feel that you deserve, speak up about it! Chances are you will get it if you really earned it but without actually expressing that you’re interested doesn’t help.

3.    Don’t expect to make friends- Men understand that once they enter into the office the game begins and no one is no longer your friend, you must play to win for yourself. They also understand outside of the office, friendships can resume. Women must learn this rule in order to advance in the business world because everyone cannot be your friend and we’re accustomed to creating and keeping long-term friendships.

4.    Take a risk- In business, you don’t get ahead without taking some risk along the way. Men are used to taking risk since a young age. Women are often times scared of risk because we allow ourselves to think about the consequences prior to us taking the actually risk, this causes us to sometimes avoid it all together. In the book the author says today’s failures can pave the way to tomorrow’s success. If women begin to believe this statement, risk can become easier to take.

5.    Toot you own horn-It’s not a problem if women take pride in their accomplishments out loud. You should always be able to acknowledge your good work and not ashamed to tell others about it. Men boast about their achievement all the time and like to be recognized for them.  Women should have the same mindset.

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