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April 15, 2013 by Edumate  
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Although my topic speaks about man in opposition to woman but can they really be put against each other. In many cases they complement each other and that is how civilization moves on.

Men and women represent the hidden mystery of our creator. They were created with a mission and none came to the world without a purpose. Men and women or male and female are not just pair of words but they are in true sense pairs or couples created by God for the purpose of evolution. They are created, designed and implemented by the Supreme power who may be called God and He is the greatest scientist among all others. As we see that in nature some animals and their species have been given some sort of supremacy over the other so also men are superior in some sense while in some ways women surpass men. Supremacy is not the exposition of outer self determined by size, shape or good looks but deeds, action and contribution to the society demonstrate primacy.

In the real world men and women are two wheels of the cart, if one is damaged the cart cannot go beyond but there is still  discrimination existing in our society, especially in Asian countries like in India, women still suffer from a lot of hindrances and have to struggle for her existence. It is said that behind every successful man there is support and motivation from a woman but behind the success of women we hardly find the effort and motivation from men. Women earn their sucess by dint of their hard work and determination. In such societies she is brought up with a lot of restrictions and over protection and later married off where she serves as a wife, mother, cook and housemaid. This scenario is prevalent mostly in the villages where literacy level is vey low but it is heartening to note that things are improving gradually. 

Nature has provided some special characteristic feature exclusive to men and women. Men are physically strong than women where as women are polite and patient than men. So far mental quality is concerned both have equal strength however the strength varies individually. So in doing some physical work men can surpass women and can force a women to do a thing a per his choice against her will. In a society which is male dominated men by the virtue of their physical strength are able to subjugate women.

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