Man Perception of Women

March 9, 2012 by IWK  
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Man perception of women.

Most men feel already know all things, even about women. But in reality, not a few men who are alone without a partner because of misconceptions about women. What is generalized to the minds of men, women, maybe just a personal guess is then. He thinks eventually all women equally.

This attitude can invite couples in conflict, especially if it is not communicated. If you find this perception in him, so it could not hurt to talk to the open space, so slowly he changed his way of thinking that does not correspond to reality.

Men think women do not like nerds. Depends what kind of nerdy. If you think women do not like men in science, the stock market, politics, business, computer, it’s wrong. Indeed, men like these show a strong ambition in the eyes of women. It can be caused even the nerdy high school as a successful figure in his career, as CEO to be a company or owner of an innovative company.

Men think women do not like it, if judged to be independent. So stop giving preferential treatment to men as the car door opened, or pay the bill dinner. The man held it to do, because they felt it would offend women. And indeed, the desire for women, preferably treated as a form of respect for him, not necessarily associated with ketidakmandirian. Large women deserve special treatment. It is sometimes not understood.

Assuming the vehicle
Men look at women the personality of a used vehicle to judge. So, do not be surprised if there was a man who tries to show in order to attract your attention with a luxury car or something that shows his greatness. In fact, for the women’s luxury-car means nothing if it does not fit your personality or character is a simple example.

Many married men charged with a phone call from her partner. The man was later found that women tend to be too serious in a relationship. Orientation of women in a relationship is marriage. It is the opinion of the man wrong in fact. Because many women who think about the future or pursue a particular career before finally deciding to get married.

Great Sex
The issue of sexual acts are often the spirit of man weighed. For men, women looking for a partner that they can satisfy in bed. If you do not have it, we know he is not man enough. In fact, for women of all things can be communicated. If not satisfied, you have only to ask her husband engaged in sexual acts that can intervene to improve the quality of sex, is not it?

Macho figure
For men, women prefer macho male figure with a straight posture, body ideal that the male side to highlight. Therefore, he is feeling so uncomfortable, he would have no ideals, such a person. In fact, this perception is only in his head. Equally likely, women do not always see how anyone, especially a partner, simply because of the optics. At least not all the women, too. There’s even a woman who is comfortable with people that was not the macho qualities.

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