Male Sexual Knowledge Not Amounting Passion

July 31, 2013 by Kelly R  
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In terms of sexuality, most men feel they have a greater passion and want to be more dominant than women. Unfortunately, knowledge about the man she is actually not as big as they thought, in order to satisfy their partner while men need to equip themselves with the affairs of women’s sexuality.

So no one, try to check whether your knowledge so far is correct.

1. Know what men think women want

Many men assume she understands what women want based on what he had done with other women. In fact, not all women are the same. So what do you do for a woman is not necessarily fun for another woman. This applies not only in sex but also in an emotional relationship.

2. Sensations felt men and women alike

Not really, in fact the sensations felt during penetration man is not the same as what she felt. Actually, the inside of the vagina is less sensitive than the outer parts, such as the clitoris. In fact, a lot of women who feel the penetration is too deep, then it makes the stomach feel queasy stomach like when hit.

3. Feel controlled all sensitive points

Not all women have the same stimulus in place. For example, a lot of women can not orgasm if not done in clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal. Not a few men who do not know how to touch her ​​sensitive spot. In fact, to know, just ask your spouse which parts he likes.

4. The “wet” to the women, the more he “wants you”

Not really, sometimes there are differences among women in terms of “wet”. Not always “wet” means that the more he wants you. Likewise, if your partner is not too “wet” does not mean he does not want you.

5. Felt he did not need to make a sound during sex

Many of the men are shy to express what they want when exposed. Eliminate the thought that women could not guess what you want! So talk to, disclose them what you want.

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