Male Dominance Under Pressure

September 23, 2011 by tonyleather  
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The USA is in the middle of a new surge in the empowerment of women, who only a generation ago did all the child-rearing, while the men worked to put food on the table, but things are different now.

The USA is in the middle of a new surge in the empowerment of women, who only a generation ago did all the child-rearing, while the  men worked to put food on the table.  Things are different now though, those same women now dominating careers that once exclusive to men, and more of them graduating from college., 57 percent of college students today  are women.

Statistics reveal that both childless and single women often out-earn men in similar situations, though men still dominate highest-paid jobs, a third of doctors and 50%+ of accountants are now women, around 50%  of  banking and insurance jobs also held by the ladies.

The possibility certainly seems to exist that that men are losing their dominance, women, with their stronger communication skills and social awareness better suited to the digital age.

 It seems that there is, in the US, a current mismatch between men and women, the  status quo altered and men uncertain how to respond to the new ethos. Getting used to hard facts such as men being 75% more likely to die in a car accident, women being more careful and therefore better investors, as well as the female having a more intuitive grasp of modern technology, can be quite hard to swallow for some males.

Add to this the fact that, as soldiers females are less likely to report pain, and women generally as politicians are less likely to be involved in sex scandals, along with the changing attitudes towards marrying and having children, and you begin to see that those girls who excel in school want to make careers for themselves, which suits the modern economy, much more aligned with knowledge than manufacturing, the last generation seeing dramatic upsurges in fields like communications, design and management, where women thrive.

Women now represent half of the workforce, and more than half of management in the modern age, flourishing, while men struggle to keep pace both in school and in the labour market, the recession having exacted a heavy price on men working blue-collar jobs with minimal education, though men around the world still dominate the ranks of the most successful.

Women’s Liberation might originally have intended meant that men and women become interchangeable, but most men and women would not want that. Anyway you look at it, the world has changed dramatically in the past thirty years, and the natural order of things dictates that, for the most part, women are simply better suited to the demands of the modern society than their men.

The question is not whether or not women are becoming the dominant sex – in truth they always were, but allowed the poor males their illusions of supremacy – but if in fact the new reality is something to embrace whole-heartedly?  With the ladies in charge, things around the world could be an awful lot more peaceful, and that would be something we would all welcome.

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9 Responses to “Male Dominance Under Pressure”
  1. isloooboy Says:

    I have no reason to disagree with you but thankful for this valuable informative post

  2. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Women were not always the dominant ones men forever show their dominance

  3. petercurtis97 Says:

    You have been grossly unfair on men in society and I question your facts as well.

  4. Sheila Barnhill Says:

    I’m actually one of the few old fashioned women left who would rather stay at home and take care of the kids. But then again, I’ve been working physical labor jobs since the age of nineteen.

  5. socialbookstatus Says:

    Enjoyed the article.

  6. Kathy Heasarlen Says:

    nice article, interestingly put!! :)

  7. Margaret Boseroy Says:

    Nice article. I wonder when we’ll stop looking at people in the work force as men and women, and start looking at eachother as simply colleagues.

  8. LanaThorn Says:

    good article enjoyable read

  9. MegapixelPro Says:

    Honestly, I say let the Women have at it for a while. It will even things out if you ask me and as you said, it will create more peace. Let’s hope we can all be equal after we get our spit fire out of our systems lol. I enjoyed reading this :-)

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