Making Bank on Triond!

August 9, 2012 by pestoroll  
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Thanks everyone!

After donating several hours of my life to Triond, I have officially made one cent! Thanks to all you devoted 47 viewers, it’s been an exciting three days. Man! I’m so glad I spent my time with my face plastered to a screen, desperate for an audience, instead of just looking around my house for a penny. I mean… goodness. That would’ve at least taken 2 minutes. Woofta!

Thank you, Triond, for making me feel recognized. I shall cherish this penny with all my heart; I have earned it. People think my writings are worth something, which is worth a lot to me. I know I will not receive any percentage of my penny till tomorrow, but I shall be patient. And once I get it, I shall spend $1,000,000,000.98 on a new time machine to take me back to when pennies actually meant something. Once I have gone back in time, I shall purchase a small candy treat for myself. Totally worth it. 

And here I am, still writing to no one. Still writing to empty seats. And yet, from looking at “top content”, People seem to love to read things like, Effects of Alcohol on Pregnant Women, and, Can Two Women be Real Friends?. Okay, for starters, don’t drink alcohol if you’re pregnant. Common freaking sense. And secondly, no. Women can’t be friends with women. And they can’t be friends with men without it turning into more than a friendship. So women can’t make friendships or have friends. Period. Heh. “Period.”

That’s all. 

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2 Responses to “Making Bank on Triond!”
  1. Vigilant Pariah Says:

    What’s worse, if you are using paypal, the minimum accepted payment for paypal is $20, so you won’t even get a penny, it will just rollover into next month’s pay.

  2. pestoroll Says:

    Shoot dang! I was really looking forward to that penny. I guess I’ll just have to look in between my couch cushions.

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