Living Example: Why Some Humans Keep Making Life Worse

May 24, 2011 by Cassle Tang  
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Realize some things that could make our life worse than its actual condition and what could be done to avoid it.

I love to observe people and lately I realized something more about the truth of our life. Why did I mention the word ‘our’ there? It’s because all of us, consciously or not, had made our life worse than it is for a couple times and maybe more throughout our life. Let me give you a living example. Call them A and B, both are women.

So, A and B are just an ordinary example of an ordinary friendship between two young women. Both of them have been enjoying life so much for a short time after the whole recent problems have just fade away. A is someone who loves her life very much, even though sometimes she felt stressed out. She welcome this calm period of her life gladly, especially because she was having a great friendship with B. What else can she ask for? On the other side, B is someone who could understand any people with her amazing positive mind. A feels so lucky to get a friend like B, she is just like an angel and her heart is soft as snow. If you ever want to have a great chat with someone who willingly listen to you no matter how long you want to talk, B is someone you are looking for. But, after this short calm period, some things happened.

A is not sure about what had happened towards B. While B, with her sensitive and kind heart, doesn’t want to talk about it. It seems that B doesn’t want to make A feel worry even though the result is the opposite. A is someone who doesn’t want to push B to tell her anything, but she is feeling quite worried after B close herself from the outside world, completely in sudden. B didn’t respond towards anything, it’s like B has disappeared completely. Imagine if you have a good friend, then suddenly your friend disappeared without a trace, not responding all kinds of communications, without any single clue about what had happened. What will you do? And what if this had happened twice?

So here, through this living example, we could learn more about why some humans keep making life worse. I’m not judging anyone and I think both of them didn’t do anything wrong. B is not wrong to protect herself and giving her own mind to recover from whatever had happened when she know she needs it, right? A is also not wrong to feel worried about her friend’s sudden-disappearance, right? But both of them are actually making things worse than it was.

B has decided not to tell A about what had happened because B think that A will feel worry even though she doesn’t need to. This is making things worse as no communication will lead into misunderstanding, even though we are talking about good friendship. Don’t do something because of something you ‘think’. Just because it has come to your mind, there’s no single evidence that it’s the right thing to be done. Analyze the impacts of every single act that you will do and you will have a great chance to get what you expect.

So, how about A? She is also making things worse as she keeps wondering about the things which B decided not to reveal. Don’t feel worry just because you ‘think’ you should feel worry about your friend. If your friend or anybody around you doesn’t want the care from you, then you don’t need to push them to welcome your help, even though it might help them through the way. People have their own rights to refuse whatever other people offer them, even though that’s a good thing.

In conclusion, to avoid making life worse than its actual condition, think carefully not just based on your feelings, but also based on your logical analysis. Do not hope to gain something from the others based on your act, but think about the true impacts of your act and suit them into your needs if you want. Have a great day, and remember, life is very good!

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35 Responses to “Living Example: Why Some Humans Keep Making Life Worse”
  1. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Excellent article

  2. LCM Linda Says:

    Interesting topic. Very thoughtful. We have to be careful with our every act so that things won’t get worse or lead to misunderstanding.

  3. Saurav Banerjee Says:

    Very interesting explaination!

  4. Dreamy777 Says:

    wonderful post thanks

  5. A.Tawnuh Says:

    no one can stop things like that from happening, anyway great article, keep it :D

  6. Cassle Tang Says:

    Thanks for all the comments!

    @LCM Linda: Very agree with you! But sometimes people cannot be cautious all over the time, sometimes bad acts do slip from our hand. :)

    @A. Tawnuh: Thanks a lot, friend. Yeah, no one can stop that, but we could avoid to make that happen in the future, right? :) Have a great day and thank you for the comment.

  7. neopisiva Says:

    Interesting observation…Is it based on personal experience?
    Great share,thanks.

  8. Cassle Tang Says:

    LOL, you got it right, my friend.. But I tried to be as objective as I could. :) You’re welcome and thanks for enjoying my writing. :)

  9. Starpisces Says:

    I like the way you analyse and also your thoughts. It takes two to tango. Friendship will last when both parties make effort to maintain, understanding very important.

  10. pruelpo Says:

    Deeply analyzed with useful tips and advice. Your thoughts are powerful. Another awesome piece!

  11. Cassle Tang Says:

    @Starpisces: Thanks for mentioning “both parties make effort to maintain”, because it’s so hard to keep the friendship without enough motivation from both parties. But yeah, understanding the non-understandable is still a challenge, right? :) Thanks for your comment, my dear friend.

    @Pruelpo: Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your appreciation, my friend. I hope it’s useful for all of us.

  12. Sourav Says:

    Very interesting… Enjoyed your analysis!

  13. KittyK Says:

    What a good topic to discuss! Life is short and we all need to make the best of all situations – good and bad. Our attitudes influence our outlooks and I chose to be happy!

  14. realityspeaks Says:

    Interesting points you bought up Cassle. One life to live. Good times and bad times, they come , they go.

  15. Cassle Tang Says:

    @Sourav: Glad to hear that you enjoyed my writing! :) Nice to know you, my friend.

    @Kitty: LOL! Yeah, you got my points really right. Thanks for all your supports, Kitty. You are a very amazing person with excellent personality!

    @RS: Cheers! One quote I read at (Reader’s Digest March 2011 edition if I’m not mistaken), talks about: we shouldn’t take life very seriously, we are not going to pass through and still alive, anyway. :) So love it or hate it, all of us are going to die, so let’s live our life the best that we can! No need to make life worse, then!

  16. Saurav Banerjee Says:

    This is a very interesting post. I could not help reading it twice.

  17. Cassle Tang Says:

    @Saurav: Thanks so much for reading, Saurav! :)

  18. kanivel Says:

    Painful things happen to everybody in life. But only a few have the capacity to analyze and come out with a solution. We keep learning throughout our life. And thanks for sharing what you learned!

  19. Christine Ramsay Says:

    This situation feels very familiar to me. It takes a great deal of thought before action to make sure you are not making the situation worse. A very interesting post.

  20. Linvio Says:

    This is the very first article I read from your list. It easily kept me reading all through it since it’s very enjoyable one and worth the time. cheers!

  21. yes me Says:

    A great share cheers

  22. Cassle Tang Says:

    Thanks for all the comments! :) I’m very motivated with all the great things I heard from every of you, my friends. Thank you!

  23. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    Lots to think about.

  24. Cassle Tang Says:

    @Rosettaartist1: Yeah, you are right, but we need to think throughout of our life, right? :) Great thoughts will lead us to greater life, anyway. Thanks for reading and commenting, have a great day!

  25. R K Vajpeyi Says:

    Dear Cassle, I too am a Mathematics post graduate and have spent a couple of years with Engineering students.
    I admire the story but have a suggestion.
    Proper nouns instead of A and B with a little detail of their two personalities in about 100 words each would have made this a story getting a million views.
    You have the skill. Please do try doing that.

  26. Cassle Tang Says:

    @Vajpeyi: Nice suggestion and thank you for your appreciation, Vajpeyi! Glad to know someone from Mathematics field! :D I will try to write better next time, with some proper nouns. :)

  27. Sebastian Onciu Says:

    If only we could always analyze things logically instead of being carried by emotions!We would probably live in a more calm and rational world!

  28. Ebbin Jose Says:

    If not civilized humans were, life would be much simpler, happier, and relaxed. But of course, civilization has its own cons.

  29. Uma Shankari Says:

    Yes, I know we make life more complicated than it really is, for a variety of reasons. A little sensitivity, and a little sensibility should make wonders.

  30. Libra91 Says:

    good share!

  31. PartizAnka Says:

    Great work! Important issues of life which all of us should apply.

  32. Nikhilesh Says:

    awesome information..gud..keep the gud work gng..:)

  33. mona rastogi Says:

    great share

  34. Wherner5 Says:

    True words. Avoiding the problem and not opening up yourself to those that can help you is making matters worse. On the other hand, if one truly doesn’t want to be helped do not push them. It will also make matters worse.

    PS. I love the way how your words were so fluent and flowed so perfectly! I may need to work on my writing technique. Haha

  35. briantaylor1992 Says:

    Very nice hypothetical situation to explain your point. There is a problem though: Not everyone is the typical person, and if the women I know in my life are any indication, sometimes they WANT the friend to know, but they want the friend to find out on their own. Sometimes they want the friend to just KNOW what is happening. And, of course, sometimes one individual is just too proud to ask for help, when deep down they know they need it. Life is extremely complicated, and so are people; my head continues to spin trying to understand my own motivations, let alone the motivations of others! Nice post.

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