Link Taste Height and Jealousy

May 10, 2013 by susan1951  
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Perhaps you are confused to hear the sentence, the link between height and jealousy, you know it has something to do?

An international study has revealed the surprising result that height is one of the factors that influence a person’s jealousy in a relationship. Mentioned that the shorter will be more jealous of their lovers.

As quoted from Genius Beauty, the researchers conducted the study involving 549 men and women from the Netherlands and Spain. The respondents were asked to rate how jealous they felt and make a list of potential quality of a person who makes them jealous.

The result, for the men feel afraid unmatched by the more powerful man, tall and rich. The reason, a tall man is much more popular among women, so they are easier to get a pair.

So also with women, they may feel jealous when he saw the woman is more beautiful and charming and of course also higher. Due to the high female look more healthy and fertile that it becomes the main object of male attention.

Well, if your spouse is taller or shorter than you?

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