Life is a Great Honor for Us

June 22, 2013 by camila dias  
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Life is a great honor for us.

Life is a great honor for us. I hate to say this, but even if our lives are not what we think it should still be a privilege to be here on this earth to live every day, learn, teach, nurture and share ourselves with the world.

Sometimes people do not realize the important role they play in this world everything you do is for a reason and it affects the world around you more than you know. I talk about domestic violence because I’ve been through a lot of a lot of domestic violence.

I share information such as domestic violence hot lines and tips on how to get out of a relationship with a domestic violence safe. But when I actually suffered through a relationship where I was being tortured every day by my partner;

I never thought that I would be a help to others because at that time my life was so grim, so empty I do not even think I would survive the relationship.

But I do and what I should do now to share with others so that I can help them to come through and do not live their entire lives as victims .. but great to live their lives as victims and help others who need them whether it’s the kids mother or whatever we have to help others to come through what we have been through.

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