Letter to a Scumbag!!

October 9, 2012 by lene21  
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A letter to someone who hurt and betrayed me in the worst possible way. Feel free to comment.

I have a little letter that I’d like to write to you

I’d like to tell you about everything you’ve done and all the pain you’ve put me through

You hurt me in the worst possible way

You took away my dignity, yet you didn’t care

You were only worried about getting caught out

Scared I’d let our dirty little secret slip

Well now I’m stronger and it’s took me a while to realise this

You are scum

Go and play your games with someone else

I am no longer your punchbag or living sex doll

At one time I would’ve died for you

I would’ve done anything

And I know you would’ve loved me to die for you

Only if you were the one doing the killing

Time after time, you’d strike me to the ground

Kick at me and spit

Tell me I was no good, that I was filth

I think you must have mistaken me for you

What exactly do you see when you look in the mirror

Do you see what I see

My guess is no

You see a prince charming who’s loving and kind

I see a sad pathetic man that rapes and beats women

Just to let you know that I don’t hold a grudge

I’m over you already

I feel for you, I really do

It must be sad waking up in your body everyday

Being so lonely

I just pray to God that you don’t put another woman through the same anguish and pain

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4 Responses to “Letter to a Scumbag!!”
  1. Emancipation Says:

    He sounds like a great catch!

  2. Trey Allen Says:

    Very interesting posting

  3. Paul Kurt Says:

    You put things so well, proud of you for letting this out well done it is so brave.

  4. elee Says:

    So very interesting indeed,brilliant display of knowledge , Congrats, to you *

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