Let’s Just Say That Men and Women are Emotional

October 14, 2012 by Tiki33  
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We all know that women are emotional but men seem to be just as emotional.

I’m sure that you have witnessed an emotional women but have you every came in contact with an emotional man. When men are emotional they seem to take things to the extreme, they may whine or pout when they don’t get their way. There’s a time in each month when women get especially emotional but some men may experience the same symptoms every other week. They may just be weeping. Women may scratch their heads when they witness this.

An emotional man may display the same symptoms as women but in a different and more extreme manner, I know you may be thinking perhaps they are bipolar or manic but they may just be emotional. Just because women and men are emotional that doesn’t mean that they have some sort of mental problem. A man could be emotional because he is sick, experienced job loss, or afraid. The thing is we have to recognize that men experience many things that women do.

If a man cries , than it is assumed that he is weak but is he really? Men may hold their feelings inside but when they have a need to release them they may go on an emotional binge. Men need attention just like women and they often seek it. They may act like girls or babies. They may even speak in a childish tone. They aren’t crazy but they want to receive attention just like women want to receive it. Men may scream and yell and this could be their way of outing out, women you know about this.

If you see this take it for what it is. He wants to gain some attention and is simply being emotional. A man is not soft because he displays his emotions, it’s a good thing when he feels comfortable to project how he feels. We should encourage men to express themselves, as long as it doesn’t cause any pain. If he wants to cry than allow him to do so, It will be over after while. Men will display some form of emotion and you may see those tears flowing just like you do each month.

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4 Responses to “Let’s Just Say That Men and Women are Emotional”
  1. Emancipation Says:

    Men can be emotional – I would know! But hey, you are spot on about us not wanting to show them! Good article.

  2. gaby7 Says:

    A very acurate analysis of the men folk! At the end of the day, nomatter what men want to say, we are just human beings who wont hold up tears forever…there comes a time when we break down and cry likw women!

  3. Tanushree Saha Says:

    Excellent Article!

  4. Brachuss Says:

    Well written and an excellent read for me. Thanks Tiki.

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