Lessons Learned of Sisterhood

July 21, 2011 by Kelly Melang  
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Who else would you let steal your favorite shirt?

Sisters – Can’t live with, can’t live without them.

Each year my sisters and I get together for one week during the summer and spend time watching our children play together and reminiscing about old times!  Here are some lessons of the sisterhood:

1.       Your sisters will know everything about you, and for the most part won’t tell, until you get older and they enjoy starting by telling your first boyfriend everything they read in your diary, then telling your fiancée about that first boyfriend, then telling your parents everything you got away with!

2.       You can be yourself around your sisters, they were there when you first shaved your legs (and the flowing of blood), when you tripped walking down the steps to your prom date, when you almost wrecked the car.  They’ll be there when you’re all sitting in your wheelchairs with the depends calling to your kids to bring you another drink.

3.       There’s always rivalry in sisters, evident in pictures when each was almost pulling a muscle to suck the gut in, pull the chin up or tightening the arms to get rid of cafeteria lady type flab.

4.       It’s OK to steal with it comes to sisters, shirts, leggings, socks, hair bands EXCEPT underwear and the one top that looks “perfect” on you!

5.       The oldest will be the wisest (she got in the most trouble experimenting, paving the road) the youngest will get away with EVERYTHING (parents were just too tired) and middle has to keep the peace (the Why do I always get in trouble and She Gets Away with Everything  Arguments.)

6.       You can talk about anything around your sisters – from what age to get the Reader glasses, to are you having hot flashes too, and finally the important one how much tequila do you put in the Margarita?

7.       Even if you live far away, with sisters you always pick up where you leave off – arguing.

8.       Sisters were a great training ground for children, learning to love someone while resisting the urge to ring their neck!

9.       Sisters will always know when you are lying, from the first “You came from the Milk Man” to the “Really, everything is just fine.”

10.   You’ll never tell your sister how you really feel, that they are special and the time you spend together you treasure – it’s just too uncool!

This year around when I was sitting at the breakfast table and my one niece came and sat down with a sigh, “What’s going on?”  I asked her.

“Cassidy is SHAVING HER LEGS…..” She groaned, loud enough for everyone’s attention.  She was too young but her older sister was up making meatloaf of her legs.

The bond continues, more lessons to learn!


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