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October 25, 2007 by Ange Perdu  
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The world we live in can be a very dangerous place. As a woman, knowing a few simple movements can become a real life saver.

You can learn the best self defense techniques in the comfort of your home. There are seven amazing videos that you can get that will transform your body into a weapon. Being prepared is always the best line of defense especially for a woman.

Phil Ross’ Survive a Violent Environment (S.A.V.E. Series) is one of the best series you can have. He teaches straightforward hand to hand combat, how to survive a knife attack, what to do when being choked, and he includes a workout with each video to burn some extra calories and build endurance. The videos in the S.A.V.E. series include:

  • Phil Ross’ S.A.V.E. – Survive a Violent Environment
  • Phil Ross’ S.A.V.E. – Fit 2 Fight
  • Phil Ross’ S.A.V.E. – Combat Ready
  • Phil Ross’ S.A.V.E. – Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Krav Maga: Basic Combatives is the second best video series available featuring defense moves taught to US law enforcement and Israeli Army.

Self Defense with Pressure Points is instructed by Robert Lyons and focuses on learning how to immobilize your attacker.

Easy Techniques for Self Defense is geared towards a beginner who wants to start out slow with extremely easy-to-follow demonstrations.

Wing Chun: Self Defense is taught by one of the best martial arts instructors around.

Ultimate Self Defense Techniques released in 2007 has a few powerful techniques that every woman should know.

Rapid Fire Women’s Self Defense video has a simple approach to self-defense developed for women.

Bully 911: Stop Being a Victim was released in 2006 and this is great for women with kids. This video is designed specifically for children to teach them how to handle themselves when a bully attacks them at school. Every single mother should own this video. It even has a special segment for parents to learn how to approach your child if you think they are having a problem at school.

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  1. Juli Says:

    How do you obtain this 7 dvd/video self defense techniques series? Thank you.

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