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October 6, 2009 by MrYogi  
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Some Nifty Gadgets that allow Lady to pee standing up without losing their dignity or worrying about the Unclean Public Restrooms.

Female Pee

Do you always worry about the Sanitation Issues with Public Restrooms ? 

Have you ever thought of Peeing like a Man ?

No more waiting ! There are some Nifty Gadgets that allow Lady to pee standing up without losing their dignity or worrying about the Unclean Public Restrooms.

• P-Mate = The P-Mate  is a Portable Urinating Device that offers Women the freedom to pee standing up. It’s clean, leak-proof and is made from recycled materials. In the emergency situations, you have to place the large opening of the P-Mate under the flow area between your legs. Pee like a man and then discard it.

Some Nifty Gadgets

• Whiz Freedom - Very much like the P-mate and the GoGirl urinating devices, the Whiz Freedom is a funnel-like thing that helps the women to pee like a man. Totally portable and small enough to fit in any purse, the Whiz Freedom is reusable and can be used sitting or standing, indoors or outdoors.

• Shewee - The Shewee is specially designed to allow you to pee standing up. You hold the funnel against your bits, relax and pee away. After peeing, you can simply rinse or shake it and pop it back in its self sealing bag. The Shewee is made of plastic and is said to be perfectly hygienic.

• GoGirl – The GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. With the GoGirl, women can enjoy freedom as they can now urinate like a man, standing up. The GoGirlFemale Urination Device (FUD) is made with flexible, medical grade silicone and can be either disposed of after use or cleaned for re-use.

• pStyle - The pStyle is a plastice device that’s allows you to pee standing up without undressing. The pStyle eliminates the need for toilet paper. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. The pStyle is easy to position properly and the rounded edges are very comfortable. Because it is made of rigid plastic, the pStyle is easily maneuvered into the clothes you are wearing. The rounded back edge can be used to wipe with so there are no drips! It is easy to clean by shaking vigorously or rinsing.

• Freshette – You can use the Freshette in both the standing and seated positions. It has an extension tube, which you can pull out from the spout until it locks. It’s great for use in long car trips the areas where restrooms are not available.

• Magic Cone - With the Magic Cone, women can stand up for their health. The unique device allows the ladies to urinate in a standing position.

• T-Pee - The T-Pee is a female urine funnel that allows women to avoid bacteria and unnecessary discomfort when urinating in public restrooms. The convenient shape funnels the urine flow directly into the toilet without any problems. You simply remain standing and gently place the urine funnel under the genital area. Its unique design lets you urinate in the position you are used to.

• TravelMate - The TravelMate is an external urinary device which provides a funnel for women to while standing, seated in a car, boat or small aircraft. It’s made of soft plastic and can be washed clean easily.

• Urifemme Female Urination Funnel - Ideal for office, restaurants, airports, bars, night clubs, port-a-potties or any public restroom, the Urifemme allows you to pee standing up in the emergency situations. Designed for utmost hygiene and comfort, the Urifemme is really easy to use.

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9 Responses to “Lady Pee Like Gents”
  1. MrYogi Says:

    Naari Kuchh Aisan Aage Nikal Rahi Hai
    Mardan Ke Paanyo Tale Dharti Fisal Rahi Hai

  2. Rosalie Hale Says:

    i like this article but does any woman know how to pee standing up without any devices?

  3. poops mcgee Says:

    are any of these devices capable of withstanding the pressure of crab walking?
    Let me explain…
    Should a woman ever be in a position that she is being harassed, a great weapon to use is ones own steaming stream of justice.
    Squatting is purely for leverage and aiming purposes, but a quick get away is always required in dire circumstances.
    This is where a crab walk would be an ideal method of escape…
    …so…would any of these products stay in place during a side scamper MC hammer would envy?

  4. tom jones Says:

    im a manly man and am wanting to know if i could use one of these to help get me some more peeing leverage at my local bar trough. you see, trough real estate is pretty pricey these days and im thinking if i add a shewee to my human p mate it might help me live in the boondocks but pee with the affluent, so to speak. have any men here tried it? it would also give me a start on the other fellows for the race to the one tap and hand dryer but thats a whole other product. and to answer poops mcgee i would go for the pstyle it will match your cutlets.

  5. CHIPMUNK Says:

    good post

  6. InderYogi Says:

    Its a Very Healthy Product !

  7. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Sorry, I wouldn’t be interested in that device, but if it’s your thing go for it.

  8. abby Says:

    i want to pee without a device although im only 11 i am very grown up for my age! i need to do it though WITHOUT my parents knowing ! they would KILL me if they found out lol

  9. Franklin Says:

    Aww this is great! Now all you girls out there, please come to me, i will lay on the ground, and all you have to do is pee on me! I have wanted to get peed on all my life, but never happened. I have peed on my hands when I go to the bathroom. So please pee on me.

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