Ladies Night, Anyone?

June 4, 2008 by Jo Oliver  
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Here are some fun ideas to start a ladie’s night.

Are you looking for a great way to socialize with old friends & meet new ones? Well, maybe you should think about starting a game club. There are a lot of games or events out there to be turned into a monthly way to socialize. Even the busiest of us can spare one night a month, right? Here are a few ideas to get you on the way to planning your ladies night.

BUNKO- is a game of luck….not skill. The game is set up for twelve players. Each member is assigned a month to be the “hostess.” So, once a month each member will be a “hostess.” The hostess will either have the Bunko game at their home or rent a place for the women to play. Snacks, refreshments, and the game tables & chairs are also be provided by the hostess. Supplies: Twelve people, three tables, twelve chairs, nine dice, six pencils, six scratch pads, twelve score sheets, one bell, and one fuzzy dice. Each month the twelve women pay Bunko dues of $5.00 to the hostess for that month. This equals $60.00. This money is for the prizes. The hostess will purchase a twenty, fifteen, ten, eight, five, and two dollar prize. The object of the game is simple,

roll the dice and accumulate the most “Wins” or “Bunko’s” during 4 sets of play. “Bunco” is to throw three of a kind of a specified number.

If dice games do not interest your group, then board games might. Set up the board games much like you would a Bunko game. Have at least three tables with four players at each table. Designate each table to a certain board game. Monopoly and Scrabble are always great. Round robin the players to play each game. Members pay dues each month to the hostess. The hostess buys prizes for most wins, looses, etc. Rotate who is hostess each month.

Or, maybe cards peeks your interest. There are hundreds of card games that can be great fun. Rummy, Poker, Spades, etc. If you only have a few women, then stick to one game and one prize. If you have a bunch of friends, then try the round robin way Bunko is played. Set up different stations for different card games.

It is as easy as picking up the phone to start a women’s club. The rules for Bunko are rather extensive and can be found by keywords “Bunko rules.” Poker, Spades, Rummy, etc…rules can be found the same way.

If a game night is not your idea of fun, then try a book club, garden club, dinner club, movie club, etc. There are groups out there like “The Red Hat Club” that are nothing like the old time ladies clubs. These gals make dinner club a blast. They wear the gaudiest red hats, purple dresses, costume jewelry, and boas they can find and then go out to dinner. Yes, they cause quite a spectacle, but ensure a great time. It is easy to add your own twist to a dinner club.

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