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May 22, 2013 by ladybug55  
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A lot of eyes and ears been on the News watching the case of Jodi Arias. I, myself have been watching and listening of the case of Jodi Arias. Watching her expression on her face, I still yet not seem to have noticed any remorse for the family or remorse of the crime she was convicted of. She does seem what I have been listening too, that is self focus on herself and mentioned of all the kind deeds she been doing. It is not my place to judge her, for all sin is a sin but sin can be forgiven we just bow our heads and ask forgiveness. To what I view, my opinion I don’t believe Jodi Arias has come to that point yet in her life.

Speaking for may survivor’s, one thing that I taken as a insult was when Jodi Arias was speaking of the T-shirt’s that she has made up and printed the words “Survivor” on the shirt. I am a survivor of domestic violence, a survivor of Adult childhood abuse. In the way of explanation that Jodi Arias had precisely explained that she also feels she is a survivor. Words of some advise from a survivor, to my insight of what I walked through twelve year’s married to man who was very abusive. I can honestly of all the physical, emotional and mental abuse my ex-husband put me through, I have not even thought once to do bodily harm to my ex-husband. Reason: I would never wish on no human being to walk in the shoes I had to walk in fighting for my life living with this man. Than again, that is who I am. I am not gone to say, it did not put hatred in my heart for him, because I hated what he done to me and the is violent act towards me but yet in my chain of thought, it was the aolochol that made my ex do the things he did to me. 

Jodi Arias repeatedly trying to convince the courts that she was abused from her boyfriend she murdered. My opinion as I have taken from her little her speech where she stated she was a survivor and she made these T-shirts up to sell and all the proceedings she received from each T-shirt being sold will be donated to Domestic Violence. So as a survivor of domestic violence I took it as a mockery of the one who are genuine survivors from domestic abuse. Sharing briefly of what a survivor horrors go through: I speak for myself; many nights I crawl in bed and cry myself to sleep, many times I hurt so bad from the beatings, I just wanted to lay down there and die.  I be sore for weeks from the black and blues and the bruises. I could not thing straight because of the name he called me, I could not hold down a job, because he had to know where I was every place I went. He made feel dirty because he would raped me over and over, trying to hide my black and blue eyes when I go visit my sister and mother, lying to the doctor’s when I was rushed to the emergency room many times. I knew the doctor was aware where the bruises came from for they have seen many domestic violence cases and listen to their stories. I lived in fear for twelve year’s of our marriage, I had my own car, my father bought it for my sixteenTh birthday but one night my ex got behind the wheel drunk of my car and involved in an accident from drinking and driving and demolished the car my father bought from me. It was the only things I owned, the only thing I had left to remember my father. 

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