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September 6, 2013 by sabil indo  
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There is no doubt that Islam be fair to women and put them in position and do not get lost and not be insulted. Islam maintains full rights and protect them from harassment honor and lose his honor. Islam has been glorified, even effusive in his honor him, because Islam knows that the woman is the basis of a good society. That is the view of Islam against women on the basis of a few things.

1. Men for women. There is no doubt that the leadership of a man should be evident in the life with his wife. It is because his character is set to lead the ladies. It is not considered to be injustice towards women, even glorified it and put it in the appropriate place.

2. A woman’s job. Allah gives permission to the women to leave the house alone with the circumstances and needs. He did not change one bit of a staple in the community system of Islam, namely that the home environment is a woman’s job. Permission for them to leave the house just as rukhsa and ease. So he should not be using the other meaning and purpose.

3. Women’s rights. Islam has noticed three cases in determining the rights of women, the first, he made ​​the ban on women as a tool to persecute, so that the relationship between women and men just like the maid and her master. Secondly, all opportunities must be given to women to develop the skills and talent within the boundaries of social order in an optimal and do the work to build the civilization of the best way possible. Third, any progress and success must be achieved while as a woman.

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