Is It Possible for Women to Become World Leaders

October 11, 2012 by haze2223  
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Can woman be world leaders? Of course! However, there are many people who think that woman cannot be world leaders, and the leaders should only be men. There are two reasons that would prove women can be good leaders.

English: Photos of nine Members of the Council of Women World Leaders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, women and men are both humans and they have the same abilities. People have thought that men can do everything with logical and rational ability while woman can only do trivial and small things. However, it is a wrong belief. Women can do many things as men. They can also think logically and decide rationally. There are no differences between woman and man, but between person. If people would be given a chance to show their ability, they would be able to do their best regardless of their gender.

Second, the chance of education for women is enlarged. Throughout the history, women are not given a chance to be properly educated. Naturally, women could do things easily. Nowadays, women are educated just like men are. Women know what they can do and they do their best. 

The two reasons said that there are not any problems for women to become world leaders. Women have enough ability to succeed in her major part and there are various chances to develop their abilities. Therefore, women can be world leaders, too.

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2 Responses to “Is It Possible for Women to Become World Leaders”
  1. 8Shei8 Says:

    Women have come a long way!

  2. haze2223 Says:

    indeed, go Girl power!

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