Is Coquetry Feminine or Masculine?

March 4, 2013 by vickylass  
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Human coquetry is an ancient custom that has nothing to do with vanity.

I quite agree with Nancy Huston’s new book on coquetry, as being regarded something for women only. For years radical feminists have denied this, saying that it is sexist and that the capitalist system obligues women to smarten themselves to attract men. They were opposed to women being taken as mere beautiful objects. However, coquetry is an ancient custom. It has nothing to do with demanding equal rights.

How do you feel when you smarten yourself up to go out or to attend a do? I do feel very well. If I look myself in the mirror and if I like what I see, it will make feel more confident and as though I was on top of the world. 

I wouldn’t say that coquetry is in the centre of my everyday living, but I do look after my looks, knowing that they can make wonders in every day living such as in attending a do or going to attend a job interview. Where as, I’m not fond of lip sticks, because I don’t see myself with coloured lips, I do have my items such as foundation, creams, cleansers and toners. Once in a whiñe, I’ll apply a mask for exfoliating and I’ll go to a hairdresser’s for a new look.

I won’t go out with a stained blouse or a garment that doesn’t match or doesn’t suit on me.

This is as far as I go on coquetry -my hair has to be clean to shine, all has to match and suit on me well and I love cleanliness.

However, I disagree on using feminine conquetry to brainwash women, especially young girls to stimulate  the most backward and sexist aims. Why to study to become a doctor or an architect if you’re so pretty that you could be a top model? It means that I’m against vanity rather than coquetry.


This is a point that I could agree on Nancy’s book. Coquetry isn’t and can’t be exclusive of women. Would anyone go out, dance or talk with a man who doesn’t look after himself? I certainly not.

Some time ago, I attended dancing classes. The guy with whom I danced seemed to not having stepped into a bathroom for ages. To such an extent his stench was that I chose to dance on my own.

Men, too, are obligued to look after their looks by putting themselves on a diet if they’ve piled on pounds or stones. Cleanliness is a must for everyone regardless of the gender. Caring for their skin as well as their clothes. Coquetry is for all of us and it has nothing to do with vanity.

Come to think that such an issue could unite women with men a little bit more in every day living, and instead of hearing a man exclaining “There! She spends hours on end in the bathroom!” We should replace the common phrase for “Hey, Helen, what’s the brand name of this cream you’re using? I like it and I’m thinking of changing mine” 

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  1. smokychristine Says:

    Points well taken. Whether trying to attract the opposite sex or merely trying to get along in the world, good hygiene and presenting ourselves well is a necessary thing.

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