Is Bigger Really Better?

July 12, 2012 by Lewis O  
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For years money has been made marketing to the women who seek the fountains of youth, the perfect bodies and the most glamorous clothing…

For years money has been made marketing to the women who seek the fountains of youth, the perfect bodies and the most glamorous clothing. Who are these women? They are those who live in areas where the emphasis is on looking their best, those who walk the streets of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Tulane Boulevard. These women spend thousands each year in manicures, haircuts and shoes. These are not the only women who are willing to spend big bucks on self improvement and upkeep… and the market knows it! Sending messages everywhere you cold turn, it is rare that a photograph of a “beautiful” woman isn’t staring you in the face. Making readily available the finest in all types of products to tighten and firm, tone and fill, these women represent the “beautiful” side of life.

Making luscious, plumper lips, wrinkle free eyes and foreheads, cellulite free thighs and buttocks are desired by EVERY woman, not just those who can afford to have them. And, as always, the market responds. Some of the top producers of manufactured products geared at plumping lips, reducing wrinkles and smoothing out cellulite include HydroDerm, Avon, cosmetics companies like Loreal Paris, Revlon as well as nutrition companies like Lifesource. There are very few industries that are not touched by women’s desire to be beautiful. Are plumper lips, bigger lips better?

Lately, the trend away from the ridiculously skinny model to the healthier, more toned model has caused a shift in what we think of as “beautiful”. Sad as it may seem, the runway goddesses set, and continue to raise, the bar by showing us what beauty, is good and bad, in other words. If we are beautiful, we’re good, if not, then we’re bad. This has impacted America teens in the most damaging of ways.

While not their intention, America has sent the above message in almost every marketing message and the failure to meet these supposed “expectations” has seen many a teenager making dangerous lifestyle choices. Eating disorders are more pronounced and self esteem issues are addressed more in this century than in any other.

For approximately $150 per injection, the collagen that is produced in our bodies by itself can be injected into certain areas for enhanced wrinkle reduction. This has become very popular because, as we age, our body’s collagen production wanes. With the input of a manufactured form of collagen, women can sustain a wrinkle free face for longer periods of time, appearing to be younger than they are. This is not always a good thing. Many women have tightened their faces so long, that if they don’t have the injections, their faces actually sag. Therefore, becoming dependant upon supplemental beauty carries an even high price tag than just cost.

The appearance of wrinkles and the fullness of one’s lips is something that is inherited, developed through their gene makeup and not something out of a bottle or tube. But for those who want to purchase their own fountain of youth, expect to pay hundred of dollars per month (one 30-day supply of Hydroderm’s combination wrinkly reducer/moisturizer is almost $100 per month) on upkeep and a lot of time trying to maintain that youthful look. Whatever happened to aging gracefully?

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