Importance of Female Education

March 19, 2012 by Muhammad Irfan Zafar  
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The record of development of the human pursuit is the history of education. Thus it is essential for all people regardless of man or woman, to be knowledgeable. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women should be taught like men, or else there can be no harmony or no development.

If you repress an untaught horse with an extremely taught one, the cart will be torn to parts and the lodgers’ lives will be shattered. The family harmony cannot be conserved with such ill-matched life-time friends.

It was asked from Napoleon once what the utmost require of France was. He responded, “Motherland’s National Progress” is impracticable without qualified and well-informed mothers”.

If the women in any country are not learned, about half the people in that country will be uninformed. The upshot is that such a country will not be capable to stay on with other nations in growth and development.

Conventional people are in support of female schooling but they are divergent to imparting them advanced learning. But this vision does not appear healthy. If women are psychologically fit to obtain higher learning, there appears to be no cause why they should not be permissible to build up their psychological talents.

There is other group of broadminded people, which is in support of the female education. To provide them only fundamentals of information, whereas they are enthusiastic for higher studies, is to denounce them to a position of lowliness.

A woman has to execute three different parts in the stages of her life in each one of which definite responsibilities are projected of her. If she is talented to do these sounds she is commendable of being called an ideal woman. It is only by the aid of learning that she can expect to be capable to carry out them pleasingly.

The foremost function of a woman is to be an excellent daughter. The next is to be a good wife and the last one is to be a first-class mother. Learning teaches a woman what she should be. It also educates her how she should perform it to be an excellent daughter, an excellent wife and an excellent mother.

A lot of men squander their evening time at clubs and society. But a chap with a learned wife will not undergo the requirement of clubs and societies. He can split his feelings with her and look for her advice in difficulty. He can splurge his spare time time in her companionship.

A learned lady will be a high-quality comrade, a smart nurse and a constructive adviser to her husband. She will be a true helpmate. She can keep hold of her husband’s warmth and respect. An unqualified lady is at all times incapable to contribute to in his happiness.

There is a maxim in English, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”. The connotation is that the mother workouts a very big authority over the lives of her offspring and is capable to mould their opinions and moral ethics. If she is cultured, she will make such inkling on the intellect of her child, that it will facilitate him in afterward life to rise into a high-quality and successful man.

Accordingly schooling will facilitate women to make their parents, husbands and children really happy. As a result it is very significant that women should be cultured.

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