I’m No Woman

April 15, 2012 by anaitreads  
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What it means to be a real woman.

Many women tend to be self conscious about their bodies, while few are beyond confident. We know the troubles we face as women yet we can’t come together to do better. There are some groups out there to empower women, but fail miserably. They empower some women by belittling other women. To them, it’s no big thing because they believe they’ve been mistreated for too long.

For a long time society believed big was not beautiful. At some point, larger people got fed up with the treatment and did something about it. What does big entail? It seems big is anything that isn’t under a size 10. Yes, the average American woman is larger than a size 10. Somewhere along the line some genius came up with the slogan, “Real women have curves.” This drives me insane. A friend of mine posted a picture that read, “A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets, you don’t know where to put your hands.” I’m a big jerk so I left a sarcastic comment.

I am lacking in the “curve” department and am offended by empowerment slogans like the one above. Having or not having curves does not make you a woman. You know why I’m a woman? I was born with a vagina. I have all of the necessary items of the female reproductive system. I have mammary glands that could produce milk. All of those parts may or may not work, but I was born with them. I am a real woman no matter how many times someone looks down on me for being curve less.

Instead of defining women by what we look like, let’s use adjectives. There are tons of spectacular adjectives that can be used to describe women. Some adjectives will describe all of us as a whole, but most vary from woman to woman. Being a woman is about nurturing and building others up. You want to feel good about yourself? Make someone else feel good about themselves. Pay them a compliment or just encourage them. When you’re running at the park and you see a woman passing you, give her a shout, “You go girl!” Believe me, it will make her day and she will smile! Maybe she’ll even pass it on.

Women are fantastic. We’re even more stupendous when we’re not at each other’s throats. we would be much happier if we were helping make each other happier. I refuse to be another woman that sees my fellow women as less than because we’re different. I love our differences both physical and mental. You are wonderful, don’t ever doubt that.

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