I Got Triond Family

February 16, 2012 by Aroosa Hermosa  
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Thanks everyone for caring me:)

I started my journey with empty hands and now I got family in a way.Triond gave me a family and that family is not else but all my Triond fans and friends.Triond is a house where we all are living in our rooms of profile page.We hear each other,we read each other’s pain,history and share knowledge.Then we express our feelings by commenting.This is how a amicable family lives.

My friends like ,misterdd,safa,Angelji,AmosTheCat,tonyleather,Martin Kloess,Thell star,whoisbid,The virtual worker,Aswathy,avissado,ChipMunk,Dora77,girispuri,Imkarn23,marqjonz,AINEE,

Vinaya Ghimire,Sheilanewton,Christina Noll,fatmaazahra,pattiann,Ixodoi,Ruby hawk these all cherish me intensely by messaging and give me blithesome company, provide me shoulder when I feel deserted.Although, I’m far from them but they tend me alot and our hearts are linked like chains.

Some Triond members provide a great menu with luscious recipes and I enjoy all meals.Some give fresh,latest frolic news and I really adore that.Some members really care my health and give knowledge about diseases,symptoms,causes and protective measures.Many members coach me and give me lessons of history and science.Some share good books to read,Some members share life time sorrows,relationships and there stories by writing poems and haiku.Some talk about games for entertainment and some members really like to keep house clean and tidy so they tell tips and share items to decorate home and make it home sweet home.Some members are concerned about my and other’s beauty and they keep on telling tips by writing favorable articles about beauty products and other problems regarding women botheration.

Thank you all Triond members.Thanks for encouraging me,sharing my blues and hardship.Thanks for stimulating my lost spirit.I love you all.

I’m proud to be member of Triond family.

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83 Responses to “I Got Triond Family”
  1. gwezsetyo Says:

    :( no pict of me

  2. Dragoonk Says:

    Cute article. I am glad you see some of Triond’s users as your family :) . I think it is sweet. Thanks!

  3. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    @cyborgwar actually these all people know me very well.Don’t be dejected u r in my family too.

  4. Lovely Phu Phu Says:

    I also do not exist :-(

  5. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    Oh my Gosh.Hello guys listen don’t be sad.U r all my friends and family.I mentioned there that all my fans and friends are my family.but these people are on screen cuz they know about me very well.
    I love u all

  6. Safa Says:

    Lovely images. Great to have you as family as well.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And love u tooo

  7. juny423 Says:

    Great share. I also found many writers who gives me inspiration to write more :)

  8. ebasearticles Says:

    where i’m.. :(

  9. Angelji Says:

    I love this little baby :)

  10. Eliza26 Says:

    Nice article!

  11. Thell Stars Says:

    we should meet each other someday. Triond reunion ( even we never meet )

  12. Vinaya says good bye Says:

    Thanks for accepting me in your family.

  13. mynameisjessica Says:

    Great! well written :) Liked it!

  14. Ricky Williams II Says:

    I enjoy being part of a growing community with a shared interest in writing. great post.

  15. CHIPMUNK Says:

    I am happy to be part of your family great article

  16. The Virtual Workers Says:

    We all love you too. :)

  17. Martin Kloess Says:

    thank you

  18. erwinkennythomas Says:

    great to hear about your family

  19. misterdd Says:

    Hi Aroosa thank you very much it is so nice to see that i am in your familly. Sorry that i come here 1 day later, i did not see yesterday. very nice from you, like allways you are nice girl. ps: you can every day update your article (fix button) and make new changes for all these people who are sad :) so your family will be bigger :) i am very nice to see that article and see you happy. i like like like like like :) have a nice day

  20. avissado Says:

    love you more..and so proud of you! godbless you dear

  21. avissado Says:

    and the images awesome! fabulous post

  22. Shafi Says:

    It is very nice to that you consider Triond as a family.

  23. marqjonz Says:

    Thank you.

  24. dodolbete Says:

    I’m a newbie…nice to meet you then ^_^

  25. Dora77 Says:

    Dear Aroosa,

    Your family is very unique,with so many different features,complexions,with only 2 possible genders,various vibrant shades and shapes, But all have inherited a dominant gene called writing,which makes all belong to you as well….I’m happy to be a part of your family.Thanks!

    PS:its a good idea to make this as a Family Picture and it should go well as your desktop wallpaper.

  26. AmosTheCat Says:

    I have so much enjoyed your writing and your pictoral presentations, and watching you grow as an artist. I have worked with young adults all my life and it is so refreshing when one finds a young person as talented as you are. I hope nothing gets in the way of your expression of that talent. And, of course, I hope you find personal fulfillment and happiness. I am proud to be included in your family of admirers and well wishers.

  27. ittech Says:

    Good to learn about it.

  28. girishpuri Says:

    we all love you honey.

  29. lonelyplanet Says:

    Lovely images. Great to have you as family as well.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  30. Dreamy777 Says:

    very nice

  31. tonyleather Says:

    It is an honour to be included in the family. Thank you so much.

  32. nurzaira Says:

    nice.. like it :)

  33. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Thank you for including me!

  34. onestep234 Says:

    nice family

  35. sheilanewton Says:

    What an awesome post, told straight from the heart. I\\\’m so pleased that you consider me to be one of your true friends on Triond. It means a lot to me. Love ya loads, girl.

  36. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thanks for including me in your family. We do care about you and are concerned with your gloominess. We want to see you come out and be the happy girl you were meant to be. Take care.

  37. Ixodoi Says:

    Honey I feel like you are part of my family as well. I think you are so talented, and worry a bit about you.
    I’m honored to be considered one of your close friends. Please take care of your self.

  38. curiousplay54 Says:

    I guess I’m a addition to your Triond family and so are you mine.

  39. dwisuka Says:

    so sweet :)

  40. lauralu Says:


  41. AINIEE Says:

    thanks allot for mentioning me………. a very nice article …. :-)

  42. Martin Kloess Says:

    No new articles?

  43. nita kusuma dewi Says:

    im so sad.im not in list

  44. J L Carey Jr Says:

    nice… &)

  45. ImKarn23 Says:

    You are so sweet, Gloomy! I’ve moved to hubpages home, but, will always care about my triond family! Miss you!

  46. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Nice to meet your family…

  47. CutezSoNia Says:


  48. rjnjlly Says:

    Nice article. Being a family does help.

  49. Aswathy Says:

    First of all Thank U 4 adding me to ur Triond family. Its always a pleasure when some1 unknown 2 u directly, talks & feels about u so much. Ya, we all are ONE family here, until Triond Breaks it!

  50. realityspeaks Says:

    This is such a thoughtful gesture. Yes! Triond is one big family.

  51. FX777222999 Says:

    A good deed for Triond writers.

  52. rgreenfield Says:

    very nice, aroosagloomy

  53. rajaryanme Says:

    I also found many writers who gives me inspiration to write more

  54. wShadow Says:

    You have many Triond friend & you write lovely. I hope we can be friends too.

  55. Safa Says:

    Thank you for including me in your family :)

  56. nurzaira Says:

    came again.. it’s so sweet

  57. Siti cholifah Says:

    Nice share friend,,,:)

  58. aleemah Says:

    Nice share

  59. CutezSoNia Says:

    great share

  60. Yandrox Says:

    How cute. ^^

  61. ittech Says:

    we all are living in our rooms of profile page

  62. alexiafeatherchild Says:

    Lovely article.

  63. sapna the dream Says:

    even i wanna be a part of this family…:(

  64. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    I’m proud of you…hope you consider me part of your Triond family also, even though, you didn’t put my photo up. Love and Hugs:)

  65. Yamin2011 Says:

    nice article….well at least you consider them family….you have that special oneness in you…it’s just that I can’t endure various social groups of people….my bad…..which I feel is the reason I was rejected from being included in your family.

  66. yana Says:

    That is so sweet! I hope one day I’ll have this fortune too! Nice share, makes me feel better.

  67. juny423 Says:

    Thanks a lot Aroosa…i saw my photo :)

  68. klevis Says:

    we are all a family. Hey am new in this site and would be happy to have a friend like you.Please read my first article that i have just posted would really appreciate it.

  69. Ghizlane Elouazzani Says:


  70. TIPS2TRICKS Says:

    good share

  71. Cassle Tang Says:

    Yeah! That’s what I love from Triond. :)

  72. pulsananda Says:

    Nice posting Aroosa

  73. SerraAnnisa Says:

    Glad to read this :)

  74. ayeshar Says:

    Such a sweet sweet article, like a family from a fairy-tale. Love the way you have described Triond and its writers. :)

  75. T. S. GARP Says:

    I agree. Nicely expressed! Welcome to the Triond extended family! We’re all happy to be part of this gathering of family and friends. Sharing what we have to offer and baring our souls in our writing. :)

  76. lauralu Says:

    Thankyou, I love you and God loves you,
    You are special to me and very unique.

  77. trionny Says:

    i love you too my triond sister :)

  78. h4mz4h Says:

    brilliant… awesome

  79. Kharla Jolly Says:

    I’m so please to become a small part of your Triond support system. Many have touched my life also, through the heavy feelings I’ve carried, inside my heart. Alone, we could never survive. Together, nothing can defeat us. Sharing pain, it what it’s all about! You’re never alone in anything. God Bless!

  80. TIPS2TRICKS Says:

    woww, my pict is not in there, hehehe…

  81. momofplenty Says:

    Sharing is caring!

  82. webseowriters Says:

    Its a nice feeling indeed to become a part of your Triond family.

  83. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very sweet

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