Husband Catch a Cheating Wife, Affair Falls From Three Floor

May 24, 2013 by xl123mania  
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When the husband and wife quarrel, in the window they appear next to a shirtless man. The man attempted escape.

This is an example of the real-life soap opera. A video coming from Brazil describes the struggle of a very funny man who tried to escape from the bed sleeping woman who had an affair after her husband came home.

In a YouTube video that circulated on Monday (20/5), when the play begins, the husband and wife were seen arguing on the third floor terrace of an apartment building. “Who’s shirt,” the husband said in Portuguese.

Wife who asked annoyed as it throws the shirt into the crowd that had gathered cheered in the streets below them. They quarrel lasted cried. That’s when they fight, in the windows next to them appears a man. The man was shirtless and looked angry. He may be another man’s dream (PIL) the woman who discovered her husband was. He seemed able to think quickly. He throws out the window he used a rope to escape. The strap is made from the clothing line. She began to go down bravely. On the second floor window sill, he stopped.

The people who cheered him and make fun of her husband. Cornudo …. shouted the audience more and more devoted to the husband. Cornudo is a Portuguese word for a man who lied to their wives.

Much like the Hollywood celebrities who had just fallen from the sky, the male pedestrian take good photo’s. There is also the booing and taunting.

They scream, ‘JUMP!’ when firefighters arrived on the scene to help him down. And he then jumped. A soft mat is placed in the area under the shirtless man and the people cheered when he jumped and fell on top of the mattress.

Barefoot and sullen face, he clenched his fists in the direction of husband-wife quarrel still up there. He also leads his fist in the direction of the people who watch. He kept walking, and then disappeared from view.

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