“Human Trafficking(pakistani Girls in Indian Market)”

March 18, 2011 by sannumkaboroo  
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"Human trafficking a buisness of human exchange a profet making buisness."

India and Pakistan are the main destinations for children under 16 who are trafficted in south asia. The cost line between Karachi and Gwader is often used for trafficking for gulf states by road to the border of Iran , where they are picked up by gangs and transfered to different countries. The group of NGOs revealed that there are three routes which are used by trafficers in Pakistan which includes Makran cost, Thar and Porpous border. In addition the sea routes of Karachi are used to get supply to India.These women kidnapped from Pakistan and Afghanistan are sold cross borders in 600Rs per kilogram.

During few years as the curruption has reach its peak, the black money earned by black sheeps has to be spent on black purposes. however these black sheeps of our society creates situations to make their alcohalic luxariour life more glamourous with beautiful women. And the same formula of life is also applied by indians. From few years Pakistani brothels are making great value in Indian market. As keeping the demand in mind THe women are kidnapped, married off to agents by unsuspecting parents, trafficking under false pretenses, or enticed by prospectsof a better life, into brothels in Pakistan.

Auctions of girls are arranged for three kinds of buyers, rich visiting Arabs(Shiekhs) the rich local gentry and rural formal. Illegal recriting agents, corrupt officials, parents, family, friends, relatives and comunity are main factors involved in trafficking proccess, the group report of NGOs said , adding the public department can aid or abet this proccess may include imigration authorities, trevel agencies and passport using authorities.

Trafficking through Arabian sea and cross border of Thar may not have srown so strong without the help of polititions.Border police and other law inforcement agencies are well aware of the trafficking through entry points. Several scandles were exposed against polititions but they were never investigated by police or by media.

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