Human Trafficking, The Modern Day Slavery

December 29, 2012 by Ron Downing  
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Informational article about Human trafficking for the sex industry.

Human Trafficking, the Modern Day Slavery

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation, is a huge problem, that most of us are oblivious to. It is a very large  global problem that people need to take notice of. Human Trafficking, is tied with the illegal arms, as the second largest criminal industry.  Anyone can become a victim of human trafficking, though most of these victims are between the ages of 10 and 30 years of age. Consequently a majority of the victims are females, who serve their masters in the sex trade. In various aspects of the pornography industry. The victims are often forced to work as Escorts, Prostitutes, Magazine models, Movie actresses and even in live sex shows.

The monsters that engage in human trafficking come in all professions, sizes, color and nationalities. According to my sources these monsters do a very good job of disguising themselves as well as their illegal activity. Quite often the victims of Human Trafficking are recruited in various methods.  Force which includes rape, beatings and confinement to manipulate the victims.  Forceful brutality is used to help break them down making them more manageable.  Fraud is also a way that young women are recruited. This would entail phony job offers. Women will respond to an ad for a position as a maid, waitress or perhaps a dancer. Another fraud tactic used is false marriage proposals. Then when they arrive at their destination they are taken into captivity and forced in to the sex trade. Coercion is more sinister the victims are forced to do what they are told through various fear tactics. Such as threat of beatings, death or perhaps the physical torture or death of a loved one in the country from which they were taken from. Human traffickers in some cases will present the victim with a transportation bill upon arrival which they can never pay back thus they are in bondage until they do.

A large majority of the victims which are trafficked into the United States, come from Central America, South America, and Asia. I would have to say that this is largely due to the fact that American men have a strong appetite for Latin American women as well as Asian women. The traffickers use a wide variety of techniques to make their victims manageable. Which can include  daily beatings, rape, gang rape, confinement, starvation, shaming and a long list of emotional and mental abuse. Forced drug use is extremely common. This makes the victims easy to control.

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