Human Trafficking

January 16, 2012 by accampbell  
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A look at modern slavery.

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Human trafficking has been around for millenia.  Ruthless people kidnap young women, as young as 10 or 12 years old on up depending on what the customer wants.  These Tyrants want young girls for prostitution, sex slaves, sweatshops, or whatever other illegal operation that they can get their hands in.  Yes, they even take small boys and grown men for sweatshops, and even bodyguards, as soon as they break their resistance and destroy their will.

Women in sweat shops are usually kept topless, there is no call for this, but their owner likes their bare breasts apparently, this is to keep them humiliated so they feel they have no choice but to listen to their masters.

Human trafficking is a big problem.  Chinese nationals are abducted from their homes and brought to America, or wherever else, to work as slaves, or promised to be reunited with their families, only to find out the debt owed to their owners can only be repaid in blood and their families now in danger if they don’t do what their told.

There is no way to catch them all, some will get caught, some will never get caught.  I feel sorry that there is nothing we as a society can, or will, do to help these helpless souls.  But, as a society, there is nothing we will do to help them.  And that, my friends, is sad.

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