How We Can Live More Fulfilled Lives

March 15, 2011 by NickDutch  
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The route to living in a fulfilled manner. The way to deal with life’s little issues and to build better health of body and mind.

How can we live more fulfilled lives?

Well there are a few areas that we can try and pick up upon. Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, and positive thinking.

Think carefully about what you are eating? Do you have enough fruit and vegetables in your diet? Do you have any raw vegetables in your diet? Some people say that a small percentage of raw vegetarian foods can help deliver vital enzymes to the guts and thereby assist in digestion. Also living sprouts can also help in this manner. Work out which seeds, beans and nuts you wish to sprout at home and incorporate them into your diet as a raw vegetable. How about meat and fish? Do you have any fish in your diet? Fis is important to deliver the oils that the body needs. Don’t gorge, but maybe enough to keep the metabolism balanced. I have one portion of oily fish (like sardines) 3 times a week. Do you take too much red meat? Have you checked the ingredients of the foods that you do eat and paid attention to the effect that it has on your body so as to isolate anything that you may be allergic to. How about getting some advice about dietary supplements and seeing whether you could improve your health of body and mind with some vitamins? Some people say that they have more energy and more clarity of thought when the take B vitamin complexes for instance. Also minerals may be something that you might want to increase too.

As far as exercise is concerned, although gym membership is always a good idea, not all of us can fit that into our daily lives, but there all kinds of little things that we can do that can help. Why not walk to the shops rather then take the bus, or may be cycle to your friends house rather then drive? If you would rather exercise at home, why not save up some money and get yourself one of those games consoles that rely on bodily movement to play the game? Also, the internet is full of exercise videos and workouts that you can do, from aerobics to yoga. Build up a routine, give yourself a plan and stick to it.

As far as positive thinking is concerned, how are you doing spiritually? Do you attend a pace of worship? Even if you don’t believe in God, a place of worship can give you some uplifting moments that you can enjoy. Also, what about your friends? Do you talk to them enough? Do you need to change some friends to make yourself a bigger stronger person? Do you go out enough? A little treat once in a while can have a massive impact on your self esteem. Try and highlight where the other sources of negativity are in your life and slow cut them out. How much negative thinking do you put yourself through? Learn to observe your won processes of thinking, catch yourself when you think negatively, focus on what you have rather then what you have not got and increase the gratitude that you posses.

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