How to Tame Your Husband

June 8, 2010 by Poo in Love  
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Thought I’d share few of the ways I found in my two years of married life on how I have been able to tame my hubby (to a certain extent).

The word that is usually used in the wives’ lives is control. We live in a world where being ‘politically correct’ is the trend now; hence the word tame.

Gone are those days when the saying Marriage is all about compromises was all couples could say about successful relationships. Modern wives (working or not) have learnt to question why should it be about compromises and adjustments. She has learnt to answer the very same question. I wouldn’t like to brag here — but I am one of those modern wives. I used to be a working wife; now I am a full-time housewife which makes it easier for me to tame my hubby in a better way.

Why do we feel the need to control?

  • To get what we want or desire
  • To feel secure
  • To feel a mixture of better & superior

The extent to which you can control, in my personal experience & observations, will depend on various factors:

  • His upbringing, family background
  • Education
  • Peers
  • Income
  • Where you live, environment
  • Type of marriage – love/arranged (where your parents fix the guy for you)

What I do (in order to tame my husband):

  1. Keep him happy, please him. Always look your best. Try to dress up for him even if you are hanging out at home. It shows you care enough to impress him.
  2. All-time favourite — the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Also, take those subtle hints that he drops once in a while. For instance, he may say things like I love blah blah dish, My mom used to make blah blah when we were young. Also, be open to any scope for improvement.
  3. Pamper him. It wouldn’t hurt to bathe him once in a while. I say you powder him, perfume him, groom him, take care of all the nitty gritties when he’s getting ready to go to work.
  4. They say guys are usually not the very-clean types. But, keep your home at its best because he’ll like to show off when his friends are over.
  5. Be naughty. I don’t need to explain much here – you get my point. Other than ‘that’, do things like write his name with a marker on your thigh & give him a sneak peek when you are out. Believe me, when I say you’ll definitely see a sudden glow on his face.
  6. I am going to be taking massage therapy classes very soon. Till then, I do whatever I’ve learnt by checking out videos on the net. A foot rub or massaging his hands will also do. Trust me, this is the best & productive way.                         
  7. Boys will be boys. Let him hang out with his friends for a beer. Let him watch the match. Let him crack dirty jokes. Let him not take help for directions. Let him fix that leaky tap. Trust him. Praise him. Leave him alone when you know you have to. 

What have I gained?

  • I have got almost everything that I have wanted.
  • I get all the appreciation (in the presence of relatives & friends).
  • If you have kids, they’ll be benefited too.
  • Most importantly, I know I have invested wisely for the future.

I am not saying these will give you magical results immediately because, like I said, a careful analysis of the dependent factors will always play a major role. Plus, not all are alike. 

One more thing & the most crucial point – love him unconditionally – that definitely works wonders.

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17 Responses to “How to Tame Your Husband”
  1. ranjitha shetty Says:

    truly agree poo…

  2. FaceOff Says:

    excellent share

  3. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Nice, but I think tame makes it sound like he is some wild animal.

  4. K V Venkataramana Says:

    There are a few tips in your article for wives to control their husbands, which are both practical and innovative.

  5. kavyashree Says:

    Very true..Poo..good one…

  6. Tej Says:

    When I read the title of the article How to Tame Your Husband i thought that this must one of the female chauvinist articles that u must have written.. bt as i read this article entirely, i must say poo that iam pretty much impressed.. If wives follow whatever u have written then Zindagi Tho Aish hai Yaar….

    Keep up the good work my dear frnd

  7. Vidhyu Says:

    The topic of your article is worth to be read by all the wives and young gals who are yet to tie the knot.. Good knowledge helps a woman keep her happy and lovely married life lively :) It was a good reminder by you..I guess you should share a topic for guys to do something special for there loving wives.

  8. M. D. Kotian Says:

    I did not know that you are so clever. You are too good to be my daughter. Keep it up.


    great advice. just remember that they are always exceptions and men only fall for the taming game if they love you. it doesn’t work on guys who are not into you. thanks for sharing.X

  10. M Says:

    All that Glitters is not gold. :)

  11. drelayaraja Says:

    Nice article… But a husband should be tamed only if he is wild.

  12. sara20 Says:

    Excellent manner and very well-written sentence is doing, with useful information includes a good things you have in your article.

    Thanks and cheers.

  13. NishaMeledath Says:

    Excellently written.. though I would rather suggest you to use a better word than ‘tame’ in your topic.. it is almost degrading the poor hubby to a puppy.. well, the pointers you provided are great.. and yeah quiet practical.. last but not least, hoping your hubby doesnt read it!! ;) ) Nice work!!

  14. Val Mills Says:

    I think your marriage will probably last :-)

  15. pmkdio Says:

    i am not yet married.. so i do not want to comment… but its a good one!

  16. Raj the Tora Says:

    nice observations. Most of them are very true indeed and works for most of the guys, like the point “Boys will be boys”.

  17. Working mum Says:

    Are you kidding me?!? My husband is a lazy shit that doesn’t deserve any kind of pampering! This article is an embarrassment and not for any self respecting woman. I wouldn’t want my boys growing up thinking that they’re going to be waited on by their woman – i would be mortified if they grew up and married a spineless ditzy woman like that! If your prepared to be a grown mans mum then sucks to be you!

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