How to Sexually Satisfy a Cougar Woman

July 4, 2011 by Sherrie Taylor  
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If you are a man into older women, you are going to love the information on satisfying a cougar woman. It is not difficult, but it is rewarding for you!

Following are tips to sexually satisfy a cougar woman. If you are a cougar woman, feel free to add more information in the response. If you are a younger man who loves older women, then you want to know how to keep her happy. If you keep her happy, she will most certainly keep you have and teach you a life time of physical fun.

1. Make sure you let her know you find her appealing in a very sexual way. You can use words of love, pleasure, beauty or whatever it takes. But make your opinion known.

2. Do not be afraid to touch her. Everywhere! Cougar women are at the height of their sexual peak in their 40’s, but the 50’s get her freaky and the 60’s want it even worse. Are you able to keep up with the cougar woman? Is your sexual performance up to par? It doesn’t matter, because she will be happy to teach you everything you need to know.

3. Be adventurous. Go with her suggestions and encourage her to live out a dream. Remember, she can be very freaky sometimes, so if something is to over the top for you, tell her before you cannot back out. She will understand and find another adventure to take care of you both.

4. Listen when she has a request. It may be as simple as telling you to be gentle or to move your fingers to a new location. You will learn what a woman thinks as she thinks about sexual satisfaction instead of how she must look. She does not care about looks or sounds once she is beyond the point of no return.

5. Show you manhood and let her look. A cougar woman admires a man’s body. Every part and every piece is good to look at, touch, feel and taste. Do not stop her or you might miss the experience of a life time.

6. If you have a fantasy, tell your cougar woman about it. She may be ready now, when she would not have been twenty years ago. Cougar women are ready to experiment and live a free life. They usually have more money, more experience, more fun, less reason to care about silly things, less worry about looks, and are looking for excitement. A new excitement they have not already lived.

7. If you fall in love with a cougar woman, it may take a while to convince you want to marry her. They do not feel the need to be in a marriage, so you will have to work at it. They are ready for a man. A man! You will not find her playing mind games, money games, family games or trying to find out if you like really, really like her. Tell her how you feel and she will tell you exactly how she feels.

8. You have to be ready for the aging process. Even you will age. Do not judge the issues age brings to her, but embrace them. The older she gets the hotter she becomes. She can retire and still have an income. You will not have to work as hard. But you could be a grandfather before the age of 30. Take it all in fun.

9. Take your love making slow and sure. Make sure she is the first to reach satisfaction. Let her work her freak fantasy on you. She knows how good a hard body feels and she likes it. Lots of touching, lots of kissing, lots of looking at each other and lots of letting other look at her. She likes the attention, so shower her with it.

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