How to Make Your Boyfriend So Crazy About You From The Viewpoint of Psychiatry ?!

July 18, 2011 by Totton  
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I love psychiatry so much but not more than surgery, so How to make your boyfriend so crazy about you from the viewpoint of Psychiatry ?!
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Psychiatric experts say that the compatibility rules between men and women in the game of love still the same despite the passage of the many centuries of times . Also what attracts the male to female and female to the male of the biological and psychological factors remain the same and almost didn’t change with the change of times and nature of life . 

While the scientists continue their attempts to predict the real reasons behind the behaviors and actions of human beings , They discovered a number of qualities that attract the male to females and that he will fall for her  and love her forever, are as follow : 

Be emotional in a positive way without exaggeration : emotional means blaming him nervously and seriously whenever she felt intimidated at him and his interests and the continuation of their relationship . and without exaggeration means no words or acts that may hurt him  , as you know every weapon has double edged  , so it may end up that you lose him , Be careful.

The red color ;It is well know that the red color seen as the color of love , romance and harmony between both sexes and experts say that this has roots of biological inherently according to a recent studies , so don’t forget the red color in your clothes , make up and your accessories  . 

Consistency of your body ;You may find some men prefer skinny women and others love obese women . But all men would agree on one thing which is the attraction to the girls with consistent body, wrapped textures and don’t suffer from significant inflation in one region at the expense of other , So  be graceful and avoid overweight by diet and specific exercises for the inconsistent region .

Understanding and accepting the other party ; Men are more attracted to the girl that appear more than others to listen attentively to them and no matter how strange are his words and understand him using her heart before her brain also accept him and treating him kindly .

To sacrifice for the other party ; Researchers found that when women love someone true love , the feelings of love and romance that controlling her will make her ready to sacrifice with her life to make the man happy and the man will feel this clearly without any sacrifice or even telling him . Once he feels it , he will never see any girls , only you .

Estimate your man ; Men involuntary attracted to women who appreciate and estimate him by words and acts especially if he is a simple man , and women who always are proud that he is her boyfriend .

Then your boyfriend will ask you ” Will you marry me ? ” , happy life with long lasting love .

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