How to Look and Feel More Beautiful

June 20, 2013 by A. Frye  
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Tips on how to look and feel more beautiful.

(1) Find the time to exercise.

             I know this is easier said than done especially if you work odd hours or cannot afford to join a gym or simply cannot find the motivation to actually do what is considered to be the definition of “working out”. But you don’t have to exercise as intensely as bodybuilders do to bulk up or run 50 mile ultra-marathons to get into better shape. It can be as simple as going for a brisk walk down the street for 30 minutes or walking laps around inside a mall or store for 30 minutes. It can be playing “tag” with your children outside (chasing one another) or playing ultimate Frisbee with them. Make it fun. Active activities to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is a start. However, going for a full hour is truly ideal for burning calories. And it doesn’t have to be within the same hour, it can be broken down into multiple 10 minute cardio events throughout the day; if you so desire.

(2) Modify what you eat.

         You are hungry. You want a snickers bar. You want a cookie. You want ice cream. Stop. Substitute that hunger for sugar with an apple. Eat some grapes. Eat some watermelon. Eat an orange. Okay, don’t eat all of these fruits at the exact same moment; choose one and divide your portions. Snack on foods like these every 3 to 4 hours in small “handful” portions. You can still eat 3 regular meals a day; just make the meals smaller. Eat less fried foods or cut them out completely. Boil or grill your meats. Limit intake of carbohydrates such as pasta. Stop drinking soda (even diet) and drink juices and more water than anything else. Your overall health will improve drastically if you can shift your diet to this and you will lose some unwanted pounds in a step-wise, healthy fashion.

(3) Less Make Up is More.

          Majority of men that I speak with admit that they like women who wear less make up than others.  They appear less high maintenance and more naturally beautiful to them.  It’s not to say that you have to get rid of all of your expensive make-up, just try wearing less eye shadow, less blush, less mascara for a few days and see if people around you notice. Just a suggestion since I have had many men mention this to me.

(4) Give Yourself Pep Talks.

            The most beautiful women are those who are typically happy.  Women who are truly happy are women who are comfortable with themselves; they are women who know who they are deep down inside.  They are women who are confident about the knowledge and wisdom that they have about the world in both academia and economics.  They are women who are able to share in the joy of others and are kind even when they have no reason to be towards someone else who is nothing but rude to them.  Remind yourself that you are one of a kind and you are unique.  That is the best part of the gift of life.

(5) Explore your gifts and talents.

             Life is all about exploring your gifts and talents.  Those who find them and exercise them are the ones who are usually loved by many.  They stand out and outshine the average person and everyone else who may have the same kind of talent but are too afraid to exercise or explore their gifts.  These people never take the chance of living up to their full potential as a result.  Whether your talent is in singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, acting, teaching, writing, or anything else! There are fewer things that are more attractive than someone exhibiting confidence in what they are doing or what they are saying or what they are teaching. People are drawn to this and always will be. 

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