How to Induce Labor Naturally

December 22, 2010 by Ann Yo  
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There are important things that you need to consider when it comes to inducing labor the natural way.

Women who want to induce labor naturally usually consider exercise. A regular amount of exercise may simply help induce labor the natural way such as walking. This can help you relax and make your muscles strong too. In this way, you could help your baby move and position well inside your belly. Try to walk near the beach where you can breathe the soothing breeze coming from the sea since this could also be relaxing while you’re walking.

Take note that pregnant women are usually advised by their doctors to exercise and walking is generally highly recommended. If you love to dance, you can also do this since the movement of your body especially around the hips could make the baby move as well as press him or her down for the upcoming delivery. The constant but slow movement of your body could open your cervix and this is one way of inducing labor naturally.

It is known to some people that female orgasm could open the cervix that is why some pregnant women consider sex to be helpful in order to begin their labor. A man’s semen is a hormone that could help begin labor because contains natural prostaglandins. This is why some women would elevate their hips after having sex in order to help the semen stay on the cervix for some time. A few may only do this method since many women are generally not in the mood for love making with their partners during the last few weeks in their third trimester.

Using gravity to bring your little precious one down such as sitting on a doctor recommended birthing ball may also induce labor. Try bouncing birthing ball with your legs carefully with someone near beside you.

Hire a registered midwife who will be able to guide you along the way and help induce your labor naturally. Other pregnant women try to drink red raspberry tea to speed up the process of labor.  

Aromatherapy could also help induce labor to some pregnant women due to the soothing scent that it can provide. Relaxation may also induce labor naturally. Some pregnant women try meditation and positive visualization by simply closing their eyes and taking slow deep breaths while imagining a beautiful sceneryas they breathe in and out.


Avoid doing too many exercises especially if your cervix is ready for labor.

Pregnant women should have a good amount of sleep, diet and exercise to maintain good health for themselves and for their babies.

To avoid any complication, always ask your for your doctor’s advise with regards to exercise routines when you’re already in your full term or over due date.

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