HOW to GET Girls!

August 25, 2011 by doubleyou29  
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These are 12 rules on HOW TO GET GIRLS!

1.Be the role of LEADER. 
When you’re gathered together a group of men, it is very important to run ROLE OF LEADER. You must be the decision maker and you have to be followed by other men.It was very sexy in her eyes even though you’d never know though. 

2.Fix your appearance! 
Although the appearance was not an important thing for some men, still you have to give YOUR BEST APPEARANCE. This means that your face should be clean, your body fit and healthy and wearing clothes neatly and fits you. The key word is: SMELLING GOOD, CLEAN, AND HEALTHY

3. You have to represent the “ALPHA” body language 
That walk with the body upright, chin raised, and Display appearance “You know what to do” to the ladies singles. (Throw away the impression of bumbling, man!) 

4.You should pay attention to the movements of a woman’s body carefully. 
Women attracted to men who understand them. You must understand the purpose and wants them. Therefore you should pay close attention to every gesture, words and gestures that they throw to you. 

5. Be EXPRESSIVE against women in matters of sex. 
Women like men who pursue her will. So, if you want to kiss the woman in front of you …. do! Never ask permission first if you want to kiss a woman. Women are very attracted to a guy who plays a role in the affairs of love. 

6. Do not be scared and surprised if it comes in contact with the woman’s body. 
Human body was created by God is very interested in sesamanya.Oleh therefore, do not hesitate and be afraid if there is physical contact against women. 

7. Tug. 
Women love men chasing tablets. So even if you are VERY INTERESTED to your target female, show a little …… and at the right show your indifference. CONFUSED ABOUT WOMEN ALWAYS LET HIM your interest! 

Women like men who are confident but fun. You may be manly, cool, cool, quiet, arrogant, but at one time you could suddenly become a person who gokil well. 

TIPS: Make intelligent jokes. Do you suddenly laugh wildly hoping someone come laugh at your jokes are crisp. 

9.Dont hide THE IDENTITY YOU! 
Do not be afraid to tell us what you like, who you are, what are you doing while you are hawkers! The important thing is HALAL and MAU TRIED, man! It is also one of the jargon “BE YOURSELF”! 

10.Try these following in a conversation: 

b. Childhood 
c. Food 
d. Future plans 
f. Hobbies each 
g.Information anything about her 
h.behavior of people around 
i.Culture tuday 
j.Gosip (not that cheap) 
k.interesting and bizarre experiance
l. Lessons from the experience

11.Compliment something unique from the personality of the woman. The woman was tired praised her beauty. Try to praise his intelligence, praised his career, praised his clothes and so forth. 

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