How to Get a Man to be Faithful to You

January 5, 2010 by Carmel BRULEZ  
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I have been a relationship expert and life coach for many years. None of my partners have ever wanted to cheat on me or dump me, it has always been a very long term relationship and it only ended if I said so!

Getting a man to be faithful to you is an art.  Most women make the mistake of thinking they own a man and that the man must be nice to them because that is what they want.  Life does not work like that.  The man has to want to be faithful to you because he loves you and prefers to be with you to being with someone else. Not because he is scared of what will happen if he is found out.  If he is scared of being found out but otherwise wants to cheat then you really do not have a relationship worth having.  It is a pretend relationship that is already dead and buried.   Many ladies in their 60s and older are married to men they do not love, like or respect, and they see them as possessions they own.  They do not care a jot about whether or not he is happy, they just want to be sure he stays and pays the bills, washes the windows, mows the lawn and appears with her at family does.  It is very selfish and when the woman and the man have no romance or sex or passion in their relationship it is obvious the man will want to cheat if he is able to.  But wanting to is just as bad as actually doing it, and these women think if they lock the man up and watch his every move and stop him from cheating it is some sort of victory, even though he is still fantasising about it in his head and hating every minute he spends with her.  When you love someone you want them to be happy. If you truly love them you try to make them happy and you let them go.  You would prefer they are happy elsewhere than with you unhappy.

Getting a loser to be faithful to you is easy.  If he cannot get a job or is too lazy to work. Or cannot afford a nice house or a car or has no personality or is selfish, mean or disrespectful or boring then he will be faithful to you because nobody else wants him!   If you want to be sure that a man is faithful to you and you have no self esteem settle for a man like this, even though unless you are the same as him you can do better, and you are probably better off on your own.

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2 Responses to “How to Get a Man to be Faithful to You”
  1. seksijerk Says:

    good women tend to get hooked with bad guys

  2. a woman Says:

    great , i agree 100%.when a man gets all he needs at home, will never look anywhere else. thank you

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