How to Do 1970s Makeup and Hair

September 26, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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The 1970s is one of our favorite decades to replicate in costumes. Here are some tips for how to make your hair and makeup look realistic and stylish for that decade!

There are two schools of thought to 1970s makeup–you could be a disco diva, or a natural hippie chick.  These looks are extremely different from each other, and it’s important not to “mix” them.

Let’s start with natural hippie makeup.  First, you should get a nice tan glow to your skin.  The 1970s was a big decade for tanning–being bronze was everyone’s goal, because partially nobody knew how bad it was for your skin. Instead of going to a tanning booth, try tanning lotion and some bronzer.

Keep your makeup extremely natural.  Some light lip gloss is good, plus some mascara and brown eye shadow.  Other than that, you don’t need much.  For this look, most of it lies in the hair (straight and parted down the center) and the costume.  A hippie hair band will be extra cute for this look.  Think of Marcia Brady.  Also, you can try making two small braids on either temple, and then tying the braids together in the back of your head.  Very 1970s look!

The disco look will be a little harder to put together, because the hippie look is just so simple and natural.

For the disco diva look, think about Farrah Fawcett’s hair–you’re going to want blown-out feathered hair, which you can acheive with a round brush, a hair dryer, and a lot of hair spray.  Just angle your hair out so it creates the “wings” around your face.

For eye shadow, you can get creative.  Gold, light blue, or any other sparkly or shimmery color could be good.  Disco makeup is actually quite similar to the makeup we do now, in the sense that it’s not very limited, but if you want a fun and authentic disco look, stick to a lot of glitter.  This is a great look to just have fun with, because you can really go all out.  For lips, a gold-bronze color is very ’70s, but a bubble gum pink color can also be very decade appropriate.

This is a good example of fun 70s makeup.  It might not be entirely decade-accurate, but whoever did this makeup clearly had fun with glitter–which you should do too!

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