How to Do 1960s Makeup and Hair

September 27, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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The 1960s is an extremely fashionable and fun decade–here are some ways to get fabulous 1960s makeup and hair!

First of all, it’s important not to confuse the 1960s with the 1950s or the 1970s, as people often do.  Natural “hippie” makeup was more of a 1970s thing, and the red lip/strong brow phenomenon was more of a 1950s thing (which is not to say that both of these things were probably not also somewhat practiced in the 1960s).

For 1960s makeup, black eyeliner and mascara is essential.  Don’t pair this with dark eye shadow though–heavily line your upper lash line and half of your bottom lash line with this black eyeliner (you can actually leave your lower lash line bare if you want) and then pile on the mascara.  Do this with a creamy or shimmery light eye shadow.  Don’t go dark with the eye shadow.  It will look cute, but it won’t look 1960s.  You can also use light lipstick.  Preferably a nude or light pink (baby pink) matte color.

This is a great example of 1960s makeup.  Don’t forget the fake lashes for extra credit!

To be more subtle, you can just do a winged eyeliner line on your upper lash line, nothing on your bottom lashes, and pair it with a nude or pink lip.  This is especially good if you also have another party to go to, and don’t want to be over the top.  A key to getting your liquid liner precise–use regular liner first so you know what line to follow.  It will be much easier this way, and create far less mess!

This is a more modern, refined version of the 1960s makeup look.

If you are very good with makeup and very creative, you can try to pull off the “twiggy” look, perfect for mod styles.  This is great when paired with light plastic hoops and pale, pale lips.

This girl did a good job replicating twiggy eye makeup.  Note the extreme false lashes on the lower lash line.  If you dont’ feel like getting false lashes on your lower lash line, you can draw lashes on with liquid liner–just be careful, and use waterproof liner so it doesn’t smudge!

For the rest of the twiggy eye makeup look, use white or light blue matte eye shadow that really covers your whole lid.  Then, line your actual crease with black eyeliner, but blend to make it look slightly less harsh.  Have your lash line eyeliner connect with your crease eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye.

Remember, the 1960s are all about pale lips!  Many girls are afraid to try pale lips because they fear they make them look dead, but the important thing is to find the right pale lip for you.  Baby pink is better on pink, or cool complexions, and a more yellow/green toned complexion will look better with a nude.  Revlon Soft Nude lipstick tends to look good on all complexions.  For extra 60s points, try a matte lipstick (one with no shine)

If you need more help, the makeup artist, pixiwoo, on youtube, does great 1960s makeup tutorials!

As for hair, the bouffant is popular.  Don’t hesitate to buy a “bumpit”, even though they look silly in the commercials.  with the right amount of hair spray, they can really make a 1960s look.  In addition, your hair should be flipped at the bottom.  Your hair might look silly, but it will work very well with the entire look.  If your hair is very short or very long, make it stick-straight, and go for a more modern 1960s look.

This is an example of the bouffant 1960s style.  It looks silly and exaggerated, but that’s how it is supposed to look!

This is a great idea for if you have thick fringe, or hair too long or too short to do a bouffant with.  It’s simple and cute!

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  1. pandabear Says:

    Great tips for somebody going to a retro party maybe! good post

  2. Noeal V Says:

    Nice Share.

  3. Jamie Says:

    That girl with the “Twiggy look” is Selena Gomez, by the way! :)
    Well, it looks like her…

  4. Iolanda Says:

    The girl in the second last photo is the french singer Dalida, in 1961

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