How to Choose Between Money, Power, and Health

February 17, 2012 by Courtlney  
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You may think the choice is not yours to make when choosing between money, power, or health. In fact some people are born into money, and do not have to choose at all. Money is their’s by birthright alone. Want a current example? Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. She’s a shoo in to be wealthy. Here’s how to choose between money, power, or health.

Wealthy woman in front of her expansive, sprawling mansion 

The rich woman above has all the trappings of money, a big bank account and property to boot.  The question is did she choose money as her choice.

A rich woman standing in front of her estate.

It is common knowledge that some women may, depending on how much they want wealth,  practically marry into it — even during these modern days and times.  It may not be obvious that the underlying reason for the marriage is money, but if you take a look at the men who have these so-called “Trophy Wives,” some whose face and body clearly show that time has not been kind to them, appearance-wise, the women did not marry them for the attraction of their good looks.

A trophy wife  who made her choice

Some of these women used marriage as their path to a life of luxury, with lots of money at their disposal.  Being with a rich man they would not have married otherwise is probably a small price to pay in fulfilling their wish to be wealthy.

Of course, for every woman who marries for money — there are lots of women who marry for love, regardless of the financial status of her mate. 

Power is normally relegated to men; however, women can also choose power, whether it is in being powerful in relationships, business, politics or other areas.  Power can be defined as the ability to control someone’s actions.  In other words — the person in power is  in control.

Many times women who already have riches may choose power as their next goal.

Then comes the choice of health.  You may ask is it possible to be rich, powerful and healthy, all at once?  Yes, of course  it is — however, if one had a choice, would health be chosen over money and power?

Which would you choose, if you had to choose only one out of the three or in which order? Maybe money, power, health — or power, money, health, or health, money, power or other combinations of the three.

The decision to choose between  money, power and health is completely your own, or you may decide on choices that are not listed here.  However, I would like to leave  you with a thought.  If you are not in good health, how do you expect to enjoy either money or power?

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