How to Attract a Girl &Ndash; Part One

August 10, 2011 by ravray  
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How To Attract A Girl – Part one.

If you’re having trouble meeting women, is it possible to land girlfriends without having to make any changes to what you’re doing now? The short answer is probably not. Our lives pretty much continue going the way it always has unless we make a focused effort to change it. So it all starts with personal change. Depending on the individual, some will have to make more changes than others.

These changes will be internal and external. Some of the internal ones will have to do with overcoming fear. Fear of trying out new things. Fear of going out more often to unfamiliar places. And of coarse, the big one: the fear of rejection.

Fear is your greatest enemy because it subverts your efforts at improving your life. It’s only use is in keeping you away from life threatening situations or in preventing to you from actions that cause the loss of your income or the other assets that you have. Rejection by a woman will cause none of these things. No one has ever been maimed or killed by rejection. You won’t even lose your job or home.

Any pain that you feel is caused by you. There’s no need to feel humiliation or to feel like a failure. Small kids learn how to ski more quickly than many adults do. This is because they aren’t burdened by humiliation whenever they fall down. They just pick themselves up and keep going. They’re also having a hell of a good time. There’s no reason why you can’t think of meeting new women as an exciting new adventure.

Fear isn’t your only enemy. There is also something called personal inertia. Personal inertia is the collection of habits and routines that get you through each day. It allows you to efficiently do the daily tasks that must get done. With personal inertia you can float through each day without feeling stress.

It’s very easy to just do what we’ve always been doing. There’s no fuss and no stress. But if business as usual isn’t landing you dates with new women, then your personal inertia is leading you nowhere. You must change. Change is stressful but this kind of stress will make you stronger.

Other internal changes have to do with understanding. It’s important to understand sexual attraction from the female point of view. The truth about this may surprise you. Women often know within minutes, whether or not they will want to date someone they’ve just met.

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