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July 24, 2013 by Jessemaria  
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One of the most important things to understand when learning how to approach a woman is how to make and maintain a positive first impression.

A man’s actions in those first few moments are especially critical if he hopes to build a strong initial connection. Women seldom forget their first impression of a man and a negative one can be very hard to overcome.


Confidence is of the utmost importance when approaching beautiful women a woman, so it is important for a man to know he looks his best and is comfortable with himself and his life. Self-doubt shows on a person’s face, making it essential for a man to appear confident even if that is not exactly how he feels at the moment.

Opening a Conversation

Pick-up lines are the kiss of death and should never be used as conversation starters. No matter how original or amusing a man may think his chosen line is, he can rest assured the woman has heard it before, probably more than once. Negative reactions or an absolute snubbing are the only reactions a man should expect when using pick-up lines and this will probably always be the case. A much better choice for getting a conversation rolling is making a situational comment. This is an especially helpful approach if one has a sense of humor. Almost everyone, regardless of their gender, will respond to a little humor if it is not overdone.

Conversing Effectively

Good communication skills are important when earning how to approach a woman. When men are out together, the tendency is to try to outdo each other, be the loudest voice and tell the most extravagant story or joke. This behavior will begin to bore a woman in a relatively short amount of time. Even though she may smile and make the appropriate “listening noises,” she is not impressed. It is also imperative to focus on doing more listening than talking. If a man has succeeded in staring an actual conversation, the worst thing he can do is appear uninterested in what the woman says. There is no point in a man asking a woman a question and then ignoring the answer and beginning to talk about himself. This shows clearly that there was no genuine interest in what he asked the woman, a fact which will not escape her.

Charming Everyone in the Party

Women rarely travel to public places without several friends. The worst thing a man can do when approaching a woman surrounded by friends is to target her and disregard her companions. This will result in making her uncomfortable and irritating her friends, which are both hard situations to remedy once they have occurred.

Any man who appears comfortable around a woman’s friends is more likely to find that the woman will also feel more comfortable around him, therefore, this skill is considerably more important than it may at first appear.

A man may even choose to start the conversation with one of the other women in the party. While this may sound counterproductive, it is actually an effective way to get the woman he is really interested in to lower her defenses, as it will make her feel like less of a target for a pick-up.

Timing is of the Essence

One final tip that is essential for those learning how to approach a woman is timing. If the conversation is becoming strained and a person finds himself running out of things to say, it is best to wrap things up. Most men feel pressure at this point because it is when he must take the plunge and ask for the woman’s phone number. A man will have a tendency to linger around the woman at this point in order to avoid the inevitable. However, this can be a bad mistake as it will make him appear desperate, and when he finally gets his courage up to ask for her number she may have had changed her mind, as she may view him as too clingy by that time.

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