How Much Gendre Roles Have Changed in The Last 50 Years?

January 13, 2013 by Borja21091  
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The aim of this report is to describe to what extent men and women’s roles have changed over the last 50 years.


            The vast majority of those interviewed felt that men and women who work in the same jobs have the same salary; however, not many of them admitted that men and women could work in the same jobs.


            Very few of people thought that men and women share housework equally, but it is true that nowadays men help more than 50 years ago when cleaning is necessary.


            Apparently, those interviewed said that men are more self-confident than women, but women like chatting and being with people. A small minority also agreed that women have friends that are men.


            It appears that 50 years ago women weren’t as integrated as nowadays. This means that we can see a lot of women in the TV or hear them in the radio. This is quite nice because this way we can notice how women are becoming more important in our society.


            It was generally felt that when a couple has babies men don’t look after their children as they should. Many of those interviewed reported that when the babies grow up the father is the one who spends nearly all his time with his sons and daughters.

            In conclusion, it appears that most of the changes occurred in women’s life, and although they are more integrated than 50 years ago we have much to do if we want equality.

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