How Feminism Needs to Change

June 21, 2012 by Laura Sandy  
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Call me whatever you like, so long as you pay me what I’m worth.

I like being a woman. But when I listen to so-called feminists pontificating, its as though women are a minority group. Today’s feminists are like people building the tower of Babel; so hung up on words that they can’t get together and sort out the important stuff.

So, they squabble amongst themselves about spelling womyn with a “y” and, I swear, everyone laughs at us. I don’t know too many women who feel that the feminist movement represents them. We have become our own worst enemies. Somehow, we’ve got to lose the paranoia and take on the important issues, such as violence against women and female poverty. Poverty keeps us down more than words or guys copping a feel at the office.

Its not really men vs. women; its rich vs. poor. Predominately female professions are invariably poorly paid. Nurses earn less than garbage-men, secretaries, even executive ones, less than a bus driver. It’s 2008 and there is still a massive gap between women’s and men’s incomes. This is the issue that feminists ought to focus their energy on.

Economic power leads to personal power on every level in our society. A woman with money can afford to determine what is and isn’t acceptable to her. She does not need to compromise her standards simply to keep a roof over her head.

A woman earning six figures won’t be overly concerned whether the guy delivering her mail is called a postman or a postperson; she will, however, expect her partner to treat her with respect. If he doesn’t? Well, she can afford to leave him, or better still, pay to have him removed from her home.

And you want to believe that should women develop the same economic power as men, politicians will be quick to consider their issues. Politicians rely on donations, so it is in their interests to cater to the needs of the wealthy. For women to wield political power it won’t be enough to be in office; they need to be an economic force as well.

Sadly, mention feminism to a twenty-something girl today and, nine times out of ten, she’ll say, “Oh, I’m not into that feminism thing”. We’ve come far enough along that most women are content with the status quo. Feminism is dying from a lack of focus on the issues that truly do concern women. Women have only themselves to blame if they don’t pick up the torch and finish the job women such as Mrs.Pankhurst started so long ago.

For feminism to stop being a dirty word, women from all walks of life will need to set aside their differences. Christian women, Muslim women, black women, asian women, straight women, gay women; all women must unite to stomp out the gender-based wage gap. Only then will women be able to take their rightful place as an equal half of the human race.

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