How Do I Know Which Spa is Good for Me?

March 9, 2009 by kamlesh786  
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If you have never been to a spa plan a trip next time you want to give yourself a treat. It’s a good idea to do a research of the spa you intended to visit to check out what’s on offer, how much it costs and work out the time required in advance.

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  • Hygiene and overall cleanliness are top priority.
  • The therapist should be professional, courteous, punctual and cleanly dressed.
  • Therapist should follow your lead in terms of how much talk occurs during the session.
  • Though at some spas you may be left alone during body wraps , facial steaming or hydrotherapy baths, its best of your therapist to be present at all times, enhancing service and ensuring safety.
  • Aestheticians may ask about your home skin care routine, but should not pressure you to buy spa products.
  • Massage therapist should be sensitive to the pressure you want in the massage strokes. There should never be sexual quality in to their touch. You should feel free to ask questions before, during and after treatment.
  • And before booking a treatment, ask them to give you a tour of the facilities so that you can ensure that spa has good sanitation practices.

Access criteria

  • Guest only some spas, such as those are in five star hotel chains, allow only hotel guests to avail facilities.
  • For members others offer membership option. Members pay an annual charge, making them eligible to indulge in treatments throughout the year.
  • Standalone the most cost effective options are offered by stand alone spas open to walk-in guests. So anyone can access any of the treatments.
  • However, book yourself a spot well ahead of time because good standalone spas are often reserved to capacity for weeks ahead.
  • Yet other conditions , specific to individual spas and varying across types , may apply  ( like  part membership or  member discounts )
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