Housewives Experience More Stress

May 5, 2011 by raheem ahmed  
Published in Women

Normally it is thought that household wives have to less work than working women. But reality is that work is work. Household wives used to be involved in such work which gives them more stress.

On he other hand the nature of work at home and at office is very different. In London health scientists have claimed that in home when women cook food, wash cloth their blood pressure rises and in offices that thing does not happen. If household wives make a routine then every thing can be done well. But the fact is that women consider each task at home a burden.

Cooking is the hobby of almost every women and they like to cook food. But they always take stress that what to cook. We have to change cloth our children, we have to send them to school all these things leads house wives towards stress. When women are involved in all these things they forget about taking rest. But the women who prepare timetable for their tasks feel less stress.

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