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June 13, 2011 by jarawila  
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Being a housewife is no mean task, especially on weekdays. Thankfully, over thirty years ago, when the housewife phenomenon was rife in Kenya, families were also larger. The adult children would, on weekends, help mummy with the household chores.

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Thirty years ago, in Kenya, there were quite a number of housewives. These were wives and mothers who were not employed. Rather, they would manage the home.

They would ensure the smooth running of the home, particularly the cookery, home laundry, tailoring, house cleaning, among other chores.

Eunice, a mother of seven, was one such wife, way back in 1976. Whereas her weekdays were extremely busy, her weekends were relaxed. This is because her eldest children, Nelson, 19, Jennifer, 17, and Judy, 16, would help her with the housework on Saturdays and Sundays. Together they would do the washing, make breakfast, make lunch, as well as supper, not to mention washing utensils. The younger children were George, 11, Martin, 9, Janet, 7, and Samson, 5.


At 2.00pm, Eunice would go for a women’s meeting. This would engage her the whole afternoon. Upon her return at 6.00pm, she would let Nelson, Jennifer and Judy run the show. For a change, she would be served.

With the three-some running the show, Eunice and Jack, her husband, would go for an hour’s walk, so as to unwind and catch up on the goings-on over the past week.

Upon her return, the three-some would serve supper, and thereafter, wash the utensils. After the late-night news, the whole family would watch their favorite program, Weekend Movie. This would go on for between 60 and 90 minutes.


Sundays for Eunice would start at 7.30am with the preparation of breakfast. After breakfast, the three eldest children would take over the show till night.

Eunice would embark on tailoring and knitting. In fact, all the family and household clothing had been made by Eunice, including Jack’s suits, and everyone’s sweaters, as well as the curtains.


At 9.00pm, Eunice would embark on the preliminary preparations for Monday morning. By 10.30pm, everyone would be in bed, so as to arise early the next day for work and school. Eunice, being the good wife she had always been, would take care of Jack’s physical needs.

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2 Responses to “Housewife on a Weekend”
  1. hosariwi Says:

    Wow! It helps, after all, to have a large family! This is quite impressive! The teens were quite cooperative, and they made mummy proud.

    We learn that unity is strength. After mummy had toiled all week long, it was quite kind for the teens to make her weekends relaxed, to the extent of having a walk with daddy!

  2. The Quail 1957 Says:

    Excellent article!

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