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July 2, 2011 by talkaboutit  
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Thoughts on two ppl experiencing abuse from two diffrent level.they both just didn’t leave before damage was done.

 When dealing with love ones it is very complicated to give an honest opinion,yet be sensitive all in the same breathe.I have watched some of the strongest women fall victim to the love bug.A lot of people think that they must be gullible or naive to be blinded.  For example: I know a woman in her early thirties,two children,college educated, and employed by one of the most prestige hospitals on the East Coast.With all those positive things I just stated she is still very unhappy.This woman loves a man who has beat her,stolen from the mouths of her children(their children),and even went as far as to verbally abuse the children as well.Of course child protective services were involved and justice was served.What breaks my heart in this case is if no intervened would the mother let her self esteem issues rub off on her daughter’s?By watching their mother be abused for so many years it will have a negative effect.They will either be victim to abuse or they will become abusers. If you know any children in a situation like this one or if you are a woman who needs help….stop your hurting today and get help.No matter where you are in the world they have free domestic violence services.If your too afraid to call 911 then at least be safe and call 211 or 311 in some states.IF stopping the abuse may leave you hungry or homeless,there are places and people who are waiting for you now.

A very dear friend of mines use to search for love in all the wrong places.She would meet men and instantly think of marriage and children .Sometimes before she even knew his last name.Needless she would invite them into her home immediately.Well the first man that stayed for more than two nights,then never returning helped her make a beautiful baby girl.Though she assumed that having his child would seal her fate to him.Then her fairytale would be complete.well that never came to be,so alone she raised her daughter.For maybe 18 months she seemed content,happy even.This new love she had found was amazing to say the least.I wish that would have stayed enough but it did not and back to the streets she went looking for her love.A few years later she ran into a older man she had heard a lot about from all the young ladies around her area.After just one meeting with her family she knew his intentions were not the same as hers.Her story didn’t end as well as the first,no hers turned out a whole lot worse.She didn’t realize she was sleeping with a snake until he raped her young daughter and gave her a life time disease,one she can never get rid of.

I’ll end this by saying once again,if you or anybody you know needs help0 you have to ask for it.There’s thousands of people waiting to hear from you.If your very private then you can always go to a close female friend.Peace & love to all…stop the violence

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  1. dino renaldo Says:

    nice share.thanks

  2. Joe Average American Says:

    Nice share.This is a situation,more common,than most want to believe.

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