Handsome Men? Love is Not a Woman!

August 6, 2013 by kevin00  
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Handsome men? Love Is Not a Woman!

Often when fellow women were sitting in the café or canteen, they all fell silent when there is certainly a handsome man passing by.

After the man through the woman certainly directly discuss such a handsome man. Which woman does not love to see the handsome face of a man. But, is it true that women prefer handsome man as a life partner?
Indeed, handsome man often distract us from our spouse. But there is one more criterion to the man who is usually desirable women. Sense of humor is actually more of selected women.

They regard with a sense of humor can make women feel happier. Sense of humor also tends to make him more relaxed, easy going and undemanding.

Not stingy
The man who is stingy to spend money when going on a date is also one of the preferred nature of women. Handsome face but stingy and always ask paid for making women reluctant certainly longer relationship.

Prospects for making such a man as a life partner will certainly decrease drastically.

Attention and understanding
Actually, not a woman wants a handsome face but rather the attention and understanding devoted to the couple.

Women often feel stressed and depressed when their partner did not concern him, and indifferent to women. Handsome man is often the center of attention, this is what makes them often busy responding to the attention given to them and

Fixed income
Do not mean to be greedy, but at times like this often women need to feel secure that the future lives will not be guaranteed.

Fixed-income men tend to have a responsibility towards his job. There are demands on their own to work out a deal that was given to them.

This is what is expected of women in the men they choose to become friends through life. But of course, handsome face remained as a bonus that can not be denied

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