Gender Uniqueness in a Relationship

July 30, 2013 by jossy2020  
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This article talks about gender uniqueness.

The man is totally different from the woman because of their physiological, psychological and genetic make-up. Since relationship involve both parties, it is important that they both have close understanding of each other’s gender.

 Men are like a car you turn on before you use; women are like computer in which the smallest mistake is stored up in a long term memory.

Let’s examine some of these differences:

·      Men are Logical while Women are Emotional: This does not mean that men are not emotional or women are not logical, but when issue arise, men take time to think about it before attaching emotions, but for women, it’s the other-way round.

·      Men are moved by Sight while Women are moved by Words: This is not a rule but a fact, men are easily moved by what they see and that is why we have cases of sexual harassment. Women should be careful about what they expose to men because they get easily moved and can be very quick to get tired of seeing a particular thing all the time. Women are like flowers that blossom when watered with words of love. No matter how hard a woman tends to appear, a continuous use of lovely words by a man will make her come around.

·      Men find fulfillment with their Jobs while Women find fulfillment with a Man: When man was created, the first thing he was introduce to was a career/job in the garden, and that is why no matter the amount of love, care, and time a woman gives to a man, he is  not fulfilled until he finds something doing. Woman on the other-hand, at creation was first introduced to the man. This is the reason most unmarried women find it difficult to gain fulfillment in their lives no matter how successful they are. They feel that until they have a man they call theirs, all is not well. Even married women complain that their husbands spend more time at work than they spend with their family.

·      Men forgive easily than Women: While it is very easy for a man to forgive and move on with life, a woman finds it difficult to forgive. This happens because women are emotional; they store things in their long term memory and attach emotions to everything.

·      Men forget easily than Women: Most women don’t have books where they write things but they have them stored in their memory. Women can easily recall the place, time, date, colour of dress worn and even the day you propose to them. They can also remember how they were offended if similar issue should come up no matter how busy they are but men have little or no time to remember all of that.

·      Men are mostly headliners and talk-less while Women are detailed in their analysis and talk- more: When a man goes out and comes back home, ask hoe his day went and you would likely hear him say “fine”. Ask the woman the same question even when she says “fine”, she goes ahead to give you a detailed information about an even. She is likely to see things men did not take note of. Men are deep and therefore say the only thing needed. A woman feels uncomfortable until she speaks.

The outline is generally true concerning each gender even though there are exceptions. One must be careful not to try to change each other when it comes to uniquenes because men will forever be men and women forever womeen. Know this, have it at the back of your mind as you relate with the opposite sex.

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