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June 9, 2013 by richrick2001  
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I’m a Gamer, I like to study and play online games I’ve also studyed why people get use to playing a certain game.

Becoming a Gamer isn’t the easy starting off,   I’m Study Gamers can make money on YouTube and What Game they enjoy most?    I’ve also Study about why people get use to certain games eg: Minecraft?  

I’ve Played minecraft Year by Year I’ve enjoyed it mostly,  I’ve use to Play COD but No longer I even go near my console.  Since minecraft is stuck in my head.   I’m Not Just a 1 game type.  I play all kinds of games like the rest of you.  

Playing Game isn’t easy always?  I know it’s fun for you but you always need to learn how it works?   First time you play a game you really know nothing about.   So it’s always good to do a few research on the Internet.   Most games are not special since people don’t like them.   

You don’t always need to follow friends since,   You’re playing a game you enjoy and your friend play’s what he enjoy’s  their is nothing wrong with that. 

So their is some Tips for Gamers like you!

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